Rahab’s Radiant Smile: A Story of Transformation

Rahab is a gem. Rahab's story started in darkness, but she is now a shining light with a RADIANT SMILE.

Rahab hasn't always had a smile on her face. Her story actually began in darkness, wrapped tightly in blankets with her younger brother, abandoned and nearly suffocating in their home. But we are so grateful that our team got to rescue them just in time!

She has grown from being a shy, timid girl to a confident young woman. It is like watching a flower bloom! And you know what's been her constant companion through it all? That mega-watt smile of hers. Seriously, Rahab's smile could light up a room on the darkest of days. It's infectious! Seeing her transformation is nothing short of a miracle.


So, as the sponsorship coordinator, I sent Rahab's story to Pastor Brian as he requested, thinking it was just another day at the office. But let me tell you, it hit him right in the feels. His passion for what we do here at HOH is through the roof. When he saw Rahab's photos and read about her journey – instant tears!


It's moments like these that remind us of the WHY. We do what we do because of the Rahabs who we have helped already, and the Rahabs to come.

You never know what story is behind a radiant smile. So let's keep spreading the love.


Sandy Landin
HOH Sponsorship Coordinator

rahab big smile radiant africa kenya before and after


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