We have so many awesome projects you can give towards – each helping desperate children in need!

$1 Plate of food for 1 child with HOH Feeding Project
$6 Medical Health card in Rwanda (For 1 year, July to July), or Congo (12 months from purchase)
$10 Rabbit
$12 Bible
$13 1 Pair of Shoes (Sandals $8)
$30 Outfit & shoes for a child
$55 Young Pig (M)
$50 Sponsor a desperate child (per month, or $600 for one year)
$55 Goat
$95 Adult Pig (F)
$125 Microloan for a mother (recycles every 6 months), any amount is welcome
$140 Pregnant Sow (F)
$400 Food cart to help a single mother make $5-$10 a day to provide for her family
$450 Send a teen to school for the YEAR in Rwanda or Kenya
$475  Calf (a cow would bring in $120/month income from selling the milk alone!)
$600 Black milk cow
$1100 Stella Project – help a Kenya woman & her children move out of the slum with a food cart microloan to make her own money.
$1200-$1750 Jersey cow that provides the best milk (plus $200-$500 for a mandatory shed) Click here to read specifics of how a cow helps
$____  Other Present Need

or call 1-403-314-1214