Write a Letter:           (Go straight to Gift Instructions)

  1. Email office@homeofhope.ca the letter and we will make sure that your sponsor child will receive it. Or fill out the form below.
    Most times, the child will write you back! This is a very quick way to hear from your sponsor child!

  2. Send a monetary gift or physical gift with the next team. See when the next team is going.
    - *BEST* Monetary gift suggestion: $30. With this amount, the child's caregiver or guardian can buy them specific items that they need/want. This is great for birthdays and Christmas. View the shopping list here- Ziplock bag (1ft x 10in) with gifts (weighing less than 5lbs) for your sponsor child only (for family members, you can send monetary gifts if you want to). Gifts cannot be wrapped as per airline requirements and the child's safety. Please mark your sponsor child's name and city/country on the bag (see below for gift recommendations). Call us to let us know, as space is always limited. 403-314-1214
  3. Join a team and see them in person! That is one decision you won't regret. Apply online today or give us a call.


- pictures/photos of you, your family, where you live, snow, etc
- hat, headbands, combs, colourful bandanas (most sponsor children do not have long hair), sunglasses, watch
- tennis balls, a soccer ball (deflated with pump)
- brand new short-sleeved shirts, with no logos or writing (and not white, red dirt of Africa does not wash out easily)
- musical instruments - harmonica, recorder, toy whistle, etc
- small flashlight (solar-powered would be best)
- toothbrush with a holder (travel holders are easily found at dollar stores) (no toothpaste please)
- pencils, erasers and sharpeners, pencil crayons, pens, stickers, solar-powered calculator
- craft supplies (ribbon, buttons, beads, balloons, etc) or packages for them to make things to sell
- pocket mirror, bandaids, nail polish
- dolls, jump ropes, small games, toy cars
Extra tips: Items that have English instructions or games that have multiple steps are not suggested. Most children are in the early stages of learning English. Items like memory card games, yo-yos, and small activity books from the dollar store are also less than ideal. If they need a translator to understand what their gift is, it’s probably not the right gift.
**Please do not include candy, chocolate or sharp objects.



Sponsors are encouraged to buy a Christmas gift for their sponsor child - it so fun and makes such an impression! Monetary or physical gifts deadlines are November 10 each year.

  1. *BEST* Make a Donation: We recommend a donation of $30. This can get the child things that they need/want, or a new pair of shoes and some clothing. You can call the office to make a donation (cash, cheque, credit card, PayPal, e-transfer to office@homeofhope.ca)
    +  New outfit and shoes: $30
    +  Mattress: $45
    +  Rabbit $10*
    +  Pig: $55*
    +  Goat: $55*
    * only available in certain locations
  2. Send a bag of gifts: Each year, we try to send gifts with a team going from Canada. It is a highlight for the team to give your gift to your sponsor child, BUT space is always limited and a monetary gift is often the best way to go.
    The gift bag MUST fit a Ziplock freezer bag (1 foot by 10 inches, no larger bags please). Please do not wrap gifts for the child's safety and the airline requirements. Please mark your sponsor child's full name and city on the bag. See gift ideas above. Call us to let us know, as space is limited. 403-314-1214

Thank you!