When we heard of the horror of babies being thrown into the 30-acre dump in Nairobi, Kenya we HAD to do something. We started with hiring staff who would patrol the dump at peak times when many desperately poor women throw away their living babies. Luckily we did rescue some but unfortunately we weren't able to save them all.

As a preventative measure, we erected 3 signs - one at each entrance of the dump - saying "Don't Throw Away Your Baby! We can help!"

These signs have prompted countless women to call. After years of having these signs up, we still are getting 10-15 calls every day! And because of it, we have reached hundreds of women and hundreds more babies.

Just having these 3 signs up costs us $1200/year, plus the medical expenses of the mothers, sponsoring the child ($40-$50/month), food/vitamins for the mother while pregnant ($75/month), and more.

This project has been great at reaching many severely desperate women and children. Since we get many calls a day we need funds to help each caller- we don't want to turn anyone away.



How we are helping these pregnant teens and young women:

  • Weekly Counseling Sessions: We aim to create a nurturing space for young mothers, providing them with the emotional support and guidance needed during challenging times. These sessions, conducted through group therapy, open discussions, and the sharing of pregnancy experiences, serve as a cornerstone for instilling hope and fostering resilience.

    As we strive to meet urgent needs, your donations can make an immediate impact and goes a long way in making a real and positive difference in the lives of these young moms. Your financial support enables us to provide tangible assistance, ensuring that their basic needs are met, and they can focus on their personal growth and well-being. Here's how you can make a meaningful impact with this project:

  • Donate for Resources: We pool donations and prioritize the immediate needs of young moms by contributing to essential resources such as food, personal items, and medical funds. One mom may need diapers, while another needs help with rent for the month, or the cost of the hospital visit.
  • Pray: Your prayers are so necessary as each girl navigates her own journey. They need Jesus!

In expressing our heartfelt gratitude, we thank the impactful teams that have left a positive mark on the lives of these young mothers.

Thank you for considering and supporting our cause. Together, we can create a community that empowers and uplifts young mothers in need.

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One weekly counseling session when we had Canadians there to meet with them. To ensure security and privacy, faces have been intentionally blurred.