The HOH Founder, Brian Thomson, came home from Africa (May2019) with a new urgency to help desperate children. Here is what he says:
“Next to babies being thrown away in Nairobi, the Minova refugee camps are the next top priority of desperate children that I know of. About 50% suffer from extreme malnutrition and 85% of the children have never even owned a pair of shoes!”

The Refugee Camps in Minova, Congo

The horrific desperation in Minova is unimaginable!

“Minova is one of the most dangerous places for women and children to live that I have ever seen. The families arrived there fleeing violence, being offered hope and security by United Nations who initially helped them with tents as temporary shelter, and then abandoned them there to live in unsafe housing with no security, no land to grow food, no hope, many for 10 years or more.” – Quote from Apr 2018 Dan Peters, Real Estate agent in Airdrie (Dan has taken more than 20 trips to African countries)

There are 15,000 people living in the 4 refugee camps in the city of Minova for the last 10 years. They have no assistance from the government or any NGO. Home of Hope is the ONLY charity helping children there.

80% of the population is malnourished, 50% of the population is severely malnourished.

Without our help, there is no other help, no opportunity, no hope.

It’s not JUST that children are starving or that they don’t have a secure place to call home. They don’t have any hope for their future at all. A famous verse in the Bible in Jeremiah 29:11 says: “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

We have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to be a part of that hope, to see these children who truly do not have any hope for their future, to be given the opportunity to not just survive, but to LIVE.

Top 3 Priorities

  1. Feeding Program for children. In May 2017, we started feeding 100 children every week a nutritious, hot meal. Now, we have 3 Feeding Programs feeding over 1000 children every week. We want to feed hundreds more!
  2. Clothes, shoes, blankets, health cards for the children.
  3. Business training facility for the mothers to learn skills and receive microloans to help them to become self-sufficient.

Our Dream: move every person out of the refugee camp, self-sufficient.


The Camp:

No locks on the doors

Large families living in tiny huts

Hut needing repairs and a new tarp

A new tarp is only $22!

Watch Video of one of the first tarps given out – June2019



Just $1 feeds a child a hot meal

Immediate need: Feed more children