November 12-28, 2024 - led by Brian Thomson (great team especially for children and youth ministry)

November 25-December 9, 2024 - led by Dan Peters & Dr. Johann (great for a HOH Discovery trip and for medical professionals to help Dr. Johann)

April/May 2025 (Great for youth/students/sponsors)


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Going on a Home of Hope team is a great experience!

“I’ve seen people from all different professions and life backgrounds on these trips and the result is the same for everyone. Everyone is nervous at the beginning, but it’s so impactful; so life-changing. It’s something you would never forget or regret.” – Elisabeth Walker

What Do Teams Do?

Each team is catered specifically for who is on the team and what they want to do. But here is a list of things that team members could do:

  • Teach children, youth, adults ESL or any topic that the team members may specialize in (ie business, finance, literacy, hygiene, etc)
  • Deliver pigs, goats or rabbits to desperate children
  • Help the feeding programs – food preparation, 1-hour teaching, handing out the food, meeting the children, then hanging out after (maybe playing a sport or doing an activity)
  • Visiting orphans at their homes (“orphaneering”), visit a specific sponsored child
  • First aid/Medical help & triage
  • Physical labour – constructing buildings, renovations, repairing, etc
  • Visiting the rescued children at the Kenya Dream Centre.

Beyond this list, team members are encouraged to meet the local people and talk to them about Jesus, find out more about their story and how Home of Hope has helped them.


There are 2 kinds of trips with Home of Hope:




There may be some limitations that make it difficult for someone to go on a team. But this DISCOVERY TOUR is available to help people with these limitations to go, give back, and have the time of their life.

This team will experience the country, the locations, the people and focus more one-on-one. There will be time to spend time with the locals, with nice hotels, and a day off.

This would be a good trip for someone wanting to meet their sponsor child (we can do our best), see what their money has done for specific projects, for someone who may not be physically able for a ministry trip where there is often rough terrain, hiking, bad roads, etc.

The trip would be very impactful for each team member, but also for the locals.

Morning: Breakfast as a team, drives to the location. Orientation: Some of the local kids may sing a song or perform a dance or whatever they have prepared. Then some of the children/families will share their stories about how Home of Hope or the church has made a difference in their life.
Break to eat snacks brought for lunch.
Afternoon: The team will learn what the present needs are in the area, help with the Feeding Project, deliver animals to desperate children/teens, work on a building (if applicable), meet Microloan teams, teach teens/women/adults/children, etc.
6pm Team will travel to a restaurant with some of the local staff. Then have a slower evening and go to bed at a nice hotel, with a mosquito net.

Watch this video to explain further:


Home of Hope is a project of Home Church. A ministry trip is designed for an active Christian who would like to share the gospel in testimony or teaching and training in various settings to help strengthen international campuses. This could include opportunities of their choice – from teaching children, youth, adults, women, etc to Sunday morning messages or outreaches. We also do extensive training for staff and training the poor in Microloans to help people become self-sustaining.