Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children including food and schooling.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

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sponsor a child
sponsor a child
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sponsor a child - imani joy rescued baby

Dream Centre: Imani Joy

Needs $200/month

Rescued on March 20th from being abandoned by the street in the Korogocho slum (Nairobi, Kenya). She was rescued at 5am by a good samaritan who called our team. middle of the night. It was a very cold night and the baby was wrapped in a blanket tightly. She is healthy and doing well living at the Dream Centre.

Isabella Hawi2 - Copy

Dream Centre: Isabella Hawi

Needs $50/month

Isabella has been at the Dream Centre since Jan and is slowly gaining weight. She is given 120ml of formula every 2 to 3 hours. Isabella enjoys her naps and likes to sleep on her tummy. After he naps, she is full of smiles. When she is hungry, she will let out a very loud cry. She enjoys getting cuddles from her caregivers. Currently, Isabella has no medical concerns. She needs your sponsorship

Annie Connie Ayana

Dream Centre: Annie Connie

Needs $200/month
1.5 months old

Rescued on March 20th from being abandoned by the street in the Korogocho slum (Nairobi, Kenya). She was rescued in the middle of the night, wrapped in a blanket tightly. She weighed 4.4kg (9.7lbs). She feeds 150ml of formula every 3 hours and cries when she is hungry. She is strong. She tries to raise her head when lying on her tummy and pushes her feet when stood on a flat surface. She sleeps well after a feed, bath and a nice massage.

Elias Carlos1 - Copy

Dream Centre: Elias Carlos

Needs $150/month
Age: 1

Elias was placed in the care of the Dream Centre in November and is just over a year old. He now weighs over 18 pounds. Elias enjoys playing with a lot of different toys, especially toy cars. He enjoys his meals and drinking his milk. He has started learning to climb on things and loves looking out the windows. Elias can now say “mama and dada”. He likes to be cuddled before naps and bedtime. Elias needs your sponsorship!

Cheryl Pendo1 - Copy

Dream Centre: Cheryl Pendo

Needs $200/month
Age: 4 months old

Cheryl was abandoned near the Dream Centre in December. Cheryl is now a few months old. Cheryl now weighs just over 8 pounds. She is fed 150ml of formula every 2 hours. She loves being held and cuddling and when she isn’t being held, she will scream. Cheryl does not like to nap, and it takes her a while to get to sleep. Cheryl appears to be healthy but is still being monitored by the doctors. Cheryl needs sponsorship.

Felix Joel1 - Copy

Dream Centre: Felix Joel

Needs $200/month
Age: 9 months old

Felix has been at the Dream Centre since November after he was abandoned in the hospital. He now weighs just over 14 pounds, and his health has improved. Felix enjoys eating his meals and likes eating porridge and drinking his milk. He babbles and sucks his thumb when he is happy. Felix can sit without support and enjoys being cuddled by the caregivers and older kids. He is a happy little one and needs your sponsorship!


Mizuno Mel Madini5

Dream Centre: Mizuno Mel Madini

Needs $150/month
Age: 3

Mizuno is short for his age and is a kind boy. Mizuno has been placed in a foster family, which means that he needs sponsorship for 12 months (until April 2025). Mizuno likes to play with toy cars and balls. He loves his mealtimes and enjoys eating porridge, ugali, and fish. He also loves all the different kinds of fruits. Mizuno has learned to share his toys.

Jadon Gideon Baraka2

Dream Centre: Jadon Gideon Baraka

Needs $25/month
Age: 1.5

Jadon was rescued at 3 days old. Today, he is a happy little boy. He laughs and babbles a lot. He loves being held and dancing around to music. Jadon can sit without support. He tries to reach out and grab things. He tries to crawl a bit. Jadon enjoys sucking on his fingers. He has a very happy appetite for his porridge and mashed foods. Jadon is living with a loving Kenyan foster family who have taken him in.

Samuel Manzi

Rwanda: Samuel Manzi

Needs $50/month
Age: 7 Months Old

Samuel was discovered by a compassionate stranger in the bush along the path, she tried to find the parents with no success and notified the local authorities who were also unsuccessful in locating Samuel's parents. Faced with the uncertain future of Samuel the stranger has become his guardian. Samuel needs medical attention due to some lung issues. However, financially the guardian struggles to provide for him.

tiana sponsor a child

Dream Centre: Tiana Dhahabu

Needs $200/month
Age: 1

This precious baby girl was abandoned at a local restaurant. As we await updates on her condition and age determination, we are prepared to provide the necessary medical care and support. Your assistance towards her stay and medical needs is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us ensure her well-being and future.

Joshua Nguvu Jasiri

Dream Centre: Joshua Nguvu Jasiri

Needs $30/month
Age: 3 months

This baby boy was abandoned at just 7 days old at a cyber café near the slum. His mother pretended to ask for water after walking a great distance and when the person went to get it, she fled leaving the baby behind. The police brought the baby to the Dream Centre. The baby weighs 2.9kg (6.4lbs) and appears to be in good health.

Mark Mwema

Dream Centre: Mark Mwema

Needs $200/month
Age: 4

Mark's a sweet boy with a bright smile and a bright future despite being rescued from child trafficking. He loves to play with blocks and organizes toys by color. Mark is quick to make friends and is learning lots of new things, like brushing his teeth on his own. He’s peaceful and avoids conflicts, preferring to play and chat. His favorite meal is rice with beef stew, which he enjoys slowly.

Angel Rose Wangare8

Dream Centre: Angel Rose Wangare

Needs $35/month
Age: 6

Angel has shown great improvement since starting school. Playing with dolls or building puzzles are her favourite things to do. Angel is a slow eater and does not like to make a mess. She is very close to her caregiver Josephine. Angel is a very organized little girl both at home and in school.

Sebastian Kilonzo7 - Copy

Dream Centre: Sebastian Kilonzo

Needs $25/month
Age: 5

Sebastian loves playing outside and loves exploring. He does well in school but learns slower than others. Sebastian loves with his whole heart and loves helping others. He enjoys participating in the kid's activities at church. He is learning how to make his bed. He has a very healthy appetite. Sebastian likes to identify different colors when he is coloring pictures. He is a joy to spend time with.

Joshua Patrick Baraka7

Family Unit #7: Joshua Patrick Baraka

Needs $95/month
Age: 11

Joshua has Cerebral Palsy and just moved into the "Special Needs Family Unit" with a few other children. He is a joy and is a bright boy in school. He has a positive attitude and does not let his condition stop him from doing things others do. Joshua wants to become a policeman when he is older. He hopes to one day go to speech therapy so he can learn to talk better and not drool so much.


Rwanda: Fiston Impanoyimana

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Fiston lives with his elderly grandmother who is HIV+ and struggles to provide for him financially. His mother is a teenager who was sexually assaulted, she is HIV+ and by a miracle, Fiston is not! He doesn't know his father, as his mother left him with his grandmother as she suffers from mental illness since the assault. He is malnourished and does not speak!

Hubert Karangwa3

Rwanda: Hubert Karangwa

Needs $25/month
Age: 3

Hubert has been doing well since receiving your sponsorship. He no longer suffers from intestinal worms, and his health has greatly improved. Hubert is a kind boy, and he is still living with his guardian. They attend church every week and Hubert enjoys attending Sunday school. He likes playing outside and exploring.

Joyce Imfurayatwembi - Copy

Rwanda: Joyce Imfurayatwembi

Needs $50/month
Age: 4

Joyce’s mother was a prostitute and became pregnant. Her father is unknown. Her mother left her with her grandmother and Joyce’s grandmother felt obligated to take her in. She cares for Joyce despite her old age. She struggles to provide for Joyce and is unable to work due to her age. Joyce does attend church with her grandmother. Joyce suffers from malnourishment and has internal worms.

Chelsea Mugisha7

Rwanda: Chelsea Mugisha

Needs $50/month
Age: 15

Chelsea is continuing to do well in school despite having continued issues with his eyes and infections. He is on medication. Chelsea is learning so many things and reading is one thing he loves doing. He is intelligent and has made huge improvements in each of his classes at school. Chelsea dreams of one day going to university to become a doctor. He continues to enjoy serving at church on the kids’ worship team.

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How Home of Hope Started Sponsorship

Home of Hope Director, Brian Thomson, was the first to start sponsoring a child in Rwanda. When he was there in 2006, he met a mother who was dying of AIDS and her four children were going to be homeless and left to fend for themselves... [READ MORE]