Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children including food and schooling.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

Anisha Lee Ahadi1

Dream Centre: Anisha Lee Ahadi

Needs $125/month
Age: 1

Anisha was abandoned near a market on the roadside. The police found her and brought her to the hospital to get checked out and later brought to the Dream Centre for care. Anisha means Grace and one who brings hope. Lee means Healer & Ahadi means Promising.
Anisha is a strong and healthy girl who loves to babble and laugh.

Aline Ishimwe1

Rwanda: Aline Ishimwe

Needs $50/month
Age: 4

Aline is an energetic girl and loves jumping everywhere. After the death of her father her mother has struggled to provide, and they are both malnourished. Aline has also been having issues with her teeth and needs treatment. When Aline grows up, she would like to become Miss Rwanda.

Francine Uwase

Rwanda: Francine Uwase

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Francine lives with her mother who is unable to provide for her because she is disabled. Her mother has a chronic disease and is very weak. Francine is a sociable girl and enjoys playing with her friends. Francine wants to be a doctor when she grows up.


Kenya: Peter Mungai

Needs $75/month
Age: 16

Peter is looking forward to High School! He is a kind, mature, and compassionate young man who is very protective of his siblings. He enjoys reading, studying and cooking!

Christian Ema Dusabe

Rwanda: Christian Ema Dusabe

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Christian was found all alone by his grandmother at his mother abandoned him. His grandmother is unable to take care of him due to her old age. Christian is always wanting to cuddle and to be held. He is not speaking yet but is learning a few words. Christan has an allergy and needs treatment.

Eliya Isubirizigihe

Rwanda: Eliya Isubirizigihe

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Eliya is a sweet boy and loves to play. His father recently passed away due to a tragic accident, and he is now staying with his mother. Eliya does not know how to speak yet but has been learning a few words.

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