Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

Sandrick Dusingizumukiza1

Rwanda: Sandrick Dusingizumukiza

Needs $50/month
Age: 14

Sandrick is a happy young man! He loves to learn and enjoys his math and English subjects. He has a dream of becoming a pilot when he grows up, so he can travel the world! He always tries to help his Aunty whenever he can. He has had problems with his eyes recently, but always remains positive!

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Home of Hope Director, Brian Thomson, was the first to start sponsoring a child in Rwanda. When he was there in 2006, he met a mother who was dying of AIDS and her four children were going to be homeless and left to fend for themselves... [READ MORE]