Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children including food and schooling.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

sponsor a child radju

Radju Irihariye Mugwaneza

Country: Rwanda
Needs $50/month
Age: 1

Radju lives with her grandmother because her mother suffers from mental illness and is a prostitute. Her mother left Radju with her grandmother and never came back. Radju’s grandmother does not have the means to provide for Radju. She is a beautiful little girl. Her grandmother brings her to church every week.

sponsor a child daniel wanjala

Kenya: Daniel Wanjala

Needs $50/month
Age: 11

Daniel is a strong and silent type - and is brilliant in school! He is living with his Pastor, Jeremiah, because his parents are mentally challenged and ill and could no longer take care of him.

sponsor a child joyce

Rwanda: Joyce Umuhire

Needs $50/month
Age: 8

Joyce is a happy little girl. She is currently in grade 2 and tries her best to understand what she is learning. Joyce requires extra help and needs more attention during class time but has started to improve in all her classes because of the help she is receiving. She is well-liked by her friends, teachers, and leaders. Joyce loves attending church every week and enjoys participating in the children’s activities. She loves singing!

sponsor a child david

David Wanjala

Country: Kenya
Needs $50/month
Age: 8

David is in grade 2. He is a very happy young boy with an outgoing personality. Both of David’s parents suffer from mental illness and could no longer provide care for him, so Pastor Jeremiah and Jane took him into their home 4 years ago. David loves to sing and would like to learn to play the keyboard.

Kevine Ikundabayo

Rwanda: Kevine Ikundabayo

Needs $50/month
Age: 3

Kevine lives with her teenage mother, who was raped and became pregnant with Kevine. Her father was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Her mother struggles to provide for Kevine’s needs as well as take care of her 2 siblings because both parents passed away. Kevine’s mother has been affected by this trauma and is unable to work to generate income. Her mother struggles to provide food for her.

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How Home of Hope Started Sponsorship

Home of Hope Director, Brian Thomson, was the first to start sponsoring a child in Rwanda. When he was there in 2006, he met a mother who was dying of AIDS and her four children were going to be homeless and left to fend for themselves... [READ MORE]