Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

clifford ochieng

Kenya: Clifford Ochieng

Needs $50/month
Age: 11 Months

Clifford is a happy and loving 11-month-old little boy! He was abandoned by his mother three times before he was brought to the Dream Centre! His neighbour had found him abandoned when she realized she was unable to care for this little one, she brought him into the Dream Centre! He is now in great care and adjusting really well to his new home!

tracton uwayo1

Rwanda: Tracton Uwayo

Needs $50/month
Age: 14

Tracton is such a kind and caring, young man! He loves to play soccer with his friends especially when it comes to playing a game with them! He is always praying for others and encouraging others on! Tracton dreams of joining the military when he grows up so he can help change the world he lives in!

ryan gigs ochieng

Kenya: Ryan Gigs Ochieng

Needs $50/month
Age: 12

Ryan had polio as a little boy and though he has made great improvements the effects have been lasting. He has very little mobility and struggles with even holding a pen. He is attending a special school where he is learning sign language and becoming a bit more independent, but he is still in need of a significant amount of constant care. He never loses his trademark smile though! He is kind, loving, and always willing to laugh!

Rahab Tumaini

Kenya: Rahab Tumaini

Needs $50/month
Age: 12

Rahab and her younger brother were found abandoned in their home wrapped so tightly in blankets they were almost suffocating. A Dream Centre staff member found them and brought them to live safely in the Dream Centre! Rahab has grown from a timid girl to confident and lively! She and her brother have been adopted into our family unit and she LOVES her mom and dad! She has an amazing story and heart for people!

Hope Joel

Kenya : Hope Joel

Needs $50/month
Age: 4 Months

Hope's mother dropped him off to a children's care office where she had told them she is unable to care for him and is needing to go back to school. According to the Children's Act law in Kenya, Hope will be in the care of the Dream Centre for the next 4-7 years, after, he will be reunited with his mother. Hope has been adjusting very well to his new life at the Dream Centre and is in good health!

Joseph Otieno

Kenya: Joseph Otieno

Needs $50/month
Age: 16

Joseph is growing into such a great young man! He loves to spend time helping his mum whenever he can, and otherwise, he enjoys working on his schoolwork! He is very determined to do well in school and would like to start his own business one day! Joseph also loves to hang out with his friends and can usually be found playing soccer with them every Saturday!

moses tumaini fadhili

Kenya: Moses Tumaini Fadhili

Needs $50/month
Age: 11

Moses is in grade 5! He loves going to school and is very diligent with everything he does. He is keen to finish his homework before he does anything else! Moses loves to play soccer and ride his bike on the weekend, and he especially loves spending time with his dad! Moses has adjusted incredibly well to the family unit and has grown so close to his parents, he is so happy!

Esther Elora Rehema

Kenya: Esther Elora Rehema

Needs $50/month
Age: 8

Esther is known for her gentleness and ability to love others! She is compassionate and kind and especially loves to make people smile! She does well in school and is very honoured to be able to learn, so she soaks everything up she can! She is determined to do well and help others when she grows up! Esther enjoys cooking with her mum and dancing in the kitchen with her!

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