Sponsor a child for $50/month

This provides basic care for the children including food and schooling.

**The Kenya Dream Centre rescued children require more sponsorship because each child requires 24-hour care from our professional caregivers, housing, healthcare, medication, schooling and more.

Reuben Odhiambo Ochieng3

Dream Centre: Reuben Odhiambo Ochieng

Needs $50/month
Age: 5

Reuben's mother was young and scared and wrestled with the idea of abandoning him in the dump since she found out she was pregnant. She really did try her best but knew she was unable to care for him physically and emotionally. She decided it would be best for her little boy to grow up loved and cared for at the Dream Centre.
Reuben is a very sensitive boy who doesn't like being in the wrong. He likes being in the company of others and will rarely be found alone. He also likes to check on his siblings at the Dream Center occasionally.

Byron DC3

Dream Centre: Byron DC

Needs $50/month
Age: 4

Byron & his big sister, Shantel, were brought to the Dream Centre after being abandoned at another care centre. The police have been investigating their abandonment and have tried to locate any relatives but had no leads. Today, Byron eats his food very slowly and is usually still eating when the other kids are finished. He needs to be reminded to be kind to others throughout his day, as he tends to be a bully towards others if he does not get his way.

Patrick Muhayimana5

Rwanda: Patrick Muhayimana

Needs $50/month
Age: 15

Patrick would like to work in public administration and will be attending short courses at a vocation school to get his qualifications. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends and his favorite colors are red and green. He is a joyful young man and loves to sing.

Jean Claude Bimenyimana3

Rwanda: Jean Claude Bimenyimana

Needs $50/month
Age: 10

Jean has been doing well in school and enjoys learning about science. When he grows up, he would still like to join the Army. He is a very helpful boy and helps others as much as he can.

Aline Ishimwe1

Rwanda: Aline Ishimwe

Needs $50/month
Age: 4

Aline is an energetic girl and loves jumping everywhere. After the death of her father her mother has struggled to provide, and they are both malnourished. Aline has also been having issues with her teeth and needs treatment. When Aline grows up, she would like to become Miss Rwanda.

Sebastian Kilonzo3

Dream Centre: Sebastian Kilonzo

Needs $50/month
Age: 3

Sebastian and his twin sister were abandoned and brought to the Dream Centre to be cared for. Today Sebastian is a very happy 3-year-old boy. He is strong despite being small in stature. Occasionally he does suffer from fevers but is able to fight them quickly. Sebastian enjoys his mealtime but tends to choose only the foods he likes. He enjoys playing in the water, so he can never be left alone. Sebastian is a joy to be around.

Shantel DC4

Dream Centre: Shantel DC

Needs $50/month
Age: 6

Shantel & her little brother, Byron, were brought to the Dream Centre after being abandoned at another care centre. The police have been investigating their abandonment and have tried to locate any relatives but had no leads. Today, Shantel tends to be on the shy side. She does well in school, and she likes to share stories with other kids. She enjoys feeding the younger kids and knows how to do diaper changes.  She would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

Remy Uwituze3

Rwanda: Remy Uwituze

Needs $50/month
Age: 12

Remy has been enjoying school and is grateful he is able to attend. When he grows up, he would like to join the Rwandan Army and protect his country. He enjoys spending time with friends and playing his favorite sport soccer!

Christian Ema Dusabe

Rwanda: Christian Ema Dusabe

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Christian was found all alone by his grandmother after his mother abandoned him. His grandmother is unable to take care of him due to her old age. Christian is always wanting to cuddle and to be held. He is not speaking yet but is learning a few words. Christan has an allergy and needs treatment.

Eliya Isubirizigihe

Rwanda: Eliya Isubirizigihe

Needs $50/month
Age: 2

Eliya is a sweet boy and loves to play. His father recently passed away due to a tragic accident, and so he is living with his widowed mother. Eliya does not know how to speak yet but has been learning a few words.

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