Success Story: Consolete

Consolete is working as an accountant in Kigali, Rwanda as she is in her 2nd year of university. She is a successful and happy young woman.

Looking at her today, you wouldn't expect her to be orphaned as just a 1 year old when her father passed away from AIDS. You wouldn't expect to hear that she was raised by a single mother. You wouldn't expect to hear that she was one of those children who was sponsored by an organization in Canada to supply her food, clothing and other basic needs.

Her face was on someone's fridge 11 years ago.

In 2007, she was sponsored with Home of Hope, a local charity based out of Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

A sponsor fell in love with that face and gave donations every month.

Because of those monthly funds, this family is in a completely different position than any of them thought was ever possible. Her brothers have graduated from secondary school and she has one year left of university.

Consolete, her mother, and two brothers


Her friend, Laurette, also sponsored by Home of Hope, is very proud of her and what Home of Hope has done. She says "Thank you for inspiring such souls".
(Laurette's story coming soon!)

Monthly sponsorship of children really does make a huge difference, not just in that child's life, but it impacts their whole world!

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