Beans for Sale – A Tumaini Project Story

Home of Hope is a non-profit organization that helps children and one way we are doing this is by helping their mothers through the Tumaini Project.

By empowering just one woman, multiple women have been given the opportunity to be part of a growing business. Antine Salama is a young woman leading a cooperative of 25 women! The women got a microloan from Home of Hope and were able to open a store for selling beans. Instead of working for money, the women who work for Antine receive a bag of beans. A 100kg bag of beans can make up to 10 dollars income; three dollars goes towards the development of the cooperative, two dollars for the woman and five dollars taken every day for the woman to care for her family. Every woman has a salary that is over 50 dollars per month from the two dollars saved by her. The cooperative is planning to start a farming project where they will cultivate and produce beans to sell that would make even more money for the cooperative.This expanding business is an inspiring success story with even more potential growth in the future.

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Article by: Bethany Caldow