Charcoal Stoves – A Tumaini Project Story

Home of Hope is a non-profit organization that helps children and one way we are doing this is by helping their mothers through the Tumaini Project.

As women empower other women, lives are changed and hope is restored. Georgine is the woman wearing the black dress in the photo, and she is leading a cooperative of 12 women. Six of the women are involved in the charcoal business and the other six are making charcoal stoves. A local non-governmental organization (NGO) trained some of the women in how to make a charcoal stove that is economic because there is a concern that the overuse of charcoal is destroying the environment.

Four of the 12 women are training others to make charcoal stoves, which is also making a profit in addition to the sales from the stoves. The NGO is paying them for making environmentally safe stoves. The women are expanding their business and planning to open a second charcoal store. They can earn up to 10 dollars for one bag of charcoal so some days they sell 10 bags and make 100 dollars income, which is quite a lucrative business in Africa!

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Article by: Bethany Caldow