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We can help hundreds of children through the Animal Project. These animals can be bred and sold to help the child and their family. A great alternative to sponsoring a child $50/month. Getting an animal to take care of also teaches the child business and life skills.

STORY: A Rwandan mother has five children of her own in HOH Kigaga, Rwanda. She gathered these five desperate orphans (picture on right) with no relatives alive in the rural areas around her house. She now cares for ten children! We gave the woman a pregnant sow and each child will be given one of the piglets of the sow in their own name to help their future! This is a great way of making a difference!

5 orphans


Chicken or Rabbit $10
Young Pig $55
Pregnant Pig $140
Goat $55
Pregnant Goat $100
Calf $475
Pregnant Cow* $1200-$1750
Mandatory Cow Shed $200-$500

*All costs are in Canadian dollars
*Cost of a cow depends on a number of factors: location, economy, etc. Dairy cows are a fantastic investment - click here to read specifics written by a HOH partner.

The Animal Project changed this family...

In December 2013, a sponsor named Melanie rode on the back of a motorcycle carrying a goat to give to a single mother with 5 children who lived in a mud hut in rural Rwanda who had nothing. We JUST received an update from that family that the same goat is alive and well and is reproducing and helping this family still! What an amazing gift that was 7 years ago for this family!