Why Donate to Home of Hope?

    Know that your money goes exactly where you designate it.
    Home of Hope is a project of the Home Church, Red Deer, Canada. See our yearly financial statements.
    The HOH Director has never taken a salary from donations. See how Home of Hope started here.
    Hundreds of people have gone and seen for themselves what Home of Hope is doing.


Did you know that there are over 2000 scriptures in the Christian Bible talking about the poor and how it is our purpose to help the poor?

Home of Hope administration feesOur Administration Fee:

  • 85% of all donations go to the designated project.
  • 15% administration is taken from all donations.
    • Home of Hope is a project of Home Church. For tax receipt and audit purposes, 3.5% is taken from all donations.
    • 11.5% administration is taken for Home of Hope administration including here in Canada and in the countries with local people on staff.

*The Home of Hope Founder and Director, Brian Thomson, has never received a dollar from donations and chooses to raise his salary separately.


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