Any amount of sponsorship for them is appreciated ($25, $50, $100, etc) or the full amount.

Elizabeth Wanyama 22

Dream Centre: Elizabeth Wanyama

Elizabeth is married and is the mother of 4 beautiful girls. She has worked at the Dream Centre for 3 years. Elizabeth loves her job and says it gives her joy to be able to care for the children and to play with them. She is grateful to have this job and looks forward to working at the Dream Centre for many years to come as she gets to help with the rescuing and care of abandoned babies and children.

Pauline Khatieyi 22

Dream Centre: Pauline Khatievi

Pauline is 46 years old and is a single mother of 2 children. She started with the Home of Hope Dream Centre as a volunteer and then 3 years ago had the chance to become an employee as a caregiver. Pauline loves taking care of the rescued children. She understands the importance of showing love and cares to the children as she lost both her parents at a young age. Working at the Dream Centre has taught her so much about unconditional love.

Susan Ngina 22 - Copy

Dream Centre: Susan Ngina

Susan is a single mother of 7 children.  She has worked at the Dream Centre for the past 2 years and looks forward to seeing the children each day. Susan enjoys washing their clothes, feeding them, and singing songs to them. Part of Susan's job is potty training the toddlers and she teaches them about hygiene. Susan has a great bond with many of the children and feels very blessed to be working at the Dream Centre and making a difference in the lives of the children.

Deborah Ambasa 22

Dream Centre: Deborah Ambasa

Deborah is married with 2 children. She has worked at the Dream Centre for 6 years. Deborah loves her work and caring for the babies. She thanks God for this opportunity to connect and bond with the babies in such a special way. Deborah says the only challenge with the nature of her job is when the babies are unwell and especially if 2 or 3 of them are sick at the same time. She feels very blessed to have this job.


Beatrice Muyuka 22

Dream Centre: Beatrice Muyuka

Beatrice is a single mom of 2 adult children who are in college. She comes from a very humble background and is very grateful to have the opportunity to work with the children at the Dream Centre. Beatrice finds that her work with the toddlers is very eventful as they keep her on her toes with how active and vibrant they are. She enjoys watching them grow and learn.



Kenya: Beatrice

Beatrice is our Dream Centre Teacher in charge of educating the rescued children. She has seen these rescued children through their academic growth path from day one. The older kids who recently joined the high school after passing with high marks are a product of her exemplary work, especially at the foundational level. Beatrice and Samuel also care for 6 rescued children in their home.


Kenya: Samuel

Samuel oversees the Child Sponsorship Program and also the Dream Centre Property maintenance. He is also a "dad" to six rescued children form the slums. as their foster parent. We are so grateful for Samuel's commitment and the great work that he does.

Pastor Fidele 2

Rwanda: Fidele (Overseer)

Pastor Fidele oversees ALL of our Home Church locations across Rwanda. He is a strong leader and we are honoured to have him on our team!

dominc guard

Rwanda: Dominic (Guard)

$200 CAD needed

Dominic is our guard who has watched over our Home of Hope Gatsata church property and school (with approximately 80 students) for many years now. He is a great man who does a great job!

Diana Bushebi

Kenya: Diana

Diana is the lead caregiver at the Dream Centre, overseeing the Dream Centre Operations. She has a passion for what she does, now over 10 years! She trains all the caregivers and updates rescued babies’ information to the sponsors and the daily operation of the Dream Centre.

aime homeofhope hoh home of hope brian thomson habimana

Rwanda: Aime S. Habimana

Aime is our Rwanda Project Manager! He works as the Children's Advocate and Program Coordinator with responsibility for providing quality basic care and supervision of the care of children, women, caregivers and programs under the Home of Hope mandate. He is qualified and brings clarity and fun to our team.


Kenya: Anastacia

Anastacia is Home of Hope's Social Worker. She connects children with compatible foster homes. She also follows up to ensure that the children's social well-being is maintained inside and outside the Dream Centre home. We so appreciate her hard work at the Dream Centre.


Kenya: Alice

Dream Centre operations requires great book keeping and accounting all finances including reporting back with the receipts. This requires trained and qualified finance personnel. Alice has joined the team, she is a trained banker and already doing a great job.

home of hope
brian thomson
george janet akelo staff

Kenya: George & Janet

George risks his life to go into the slum and rescue babies who have been thrown away in the dump. He also helps desperate women who are about to throw away their babies who see our sign that says "Don't Throw Away Your Baby". He gets 10-15 calls every single day.

Janet is the overseer of the Pregnant Mothers and Stella Project. We rescue single mothers out of the worst living conditions you can imagine, we rescue them, train them, and help them to be self-sufficient and moved out of the slum in one year.

shakilah ancho africa congo domocratic republic rwanda kenya home of hope homeofhope christian mugisho sponsor office staff

DRCongo: Shakilah (Project Manager)

Shakilah is a joyful, brilliant, multi-lingual woman who oversees our food cart ministry with the Microloan Project and teaches women in the Tumaini Project. She has proven herself trustworthy over the past 5 years and is excellent in everything she does.

Olivier - Nurse

DRCongo: Olivier

Olivier is the Home of Hope nurse in DRCongo. He is married and has 1 daughter. Olivier is the brother to Christian. He has been part of the team for 3 years. Olivier supervises the Feeding Project for the malnourished children in the communities HOH serves in. He is passionate about medically helping and teaching the poor.

Serge - Volunteer

DRCongo: Serge

Serge is the HOH Field Office in Congo. He is married with 3 children. Serge is passionate about empowering and teaching women. He oversees the updating of contracts, writing their stories, recording data, and sending updates to the HOH office. Serge is an excellent administrator who is passionate about his work with Home of Hope!

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