The Love of a Caregiver

A peek into the life of an incredible caregiver.

All of our sponsored children are taken care of by amazing caregivers who are like moms to children without parents.

These caregivers really pour out their hearts as they take care of these orphaned children.

While visiting the Kenya Dream Centre in Nairobi, one of our team members took the time to talk to one of the caregivers, Jessica, and hear first-hand the passion and love these caregivers have!

Jessica Mutiso conversation:

Me: How long have you been at the Dream Centre?

Jessica: I have been at the Dream Centre since January 2012.

Me: Who is your favourite child at the Dream Centre?

Jessica: Joseph is my favorite child, but I love them all equally. Joseph is the one child I have bonded with the most. He even calls me mum. He has a beautiful smile and a very good disciplined boy. Joseph is a very good boy who is social in terms of playing balls with other kids, he loves helping in wiping table after meals he does not like shouting. You just need to understand him and you will be friends forever



Me: Do you have any memories that you can share about him?

Jessica: There is a day I am as going for my off day. When Joseph realized he threw his bread and cried loudly following me to go with him. So I had to tell our director pastor Diana and she accepted! He was very excited and kept telling other kids how much fun going out will be. I love him so much.

There are many caregivers like this at the Dream Centre. If you can give to help the salaries and the operations, please click here.

Written by: Dion Wiebe