Helping children is the MOST important thing we do.
Click here to see the most desperate children right now.

It can be easy to raise money for a desperate child, however, it is very difficult to raise money for the ones taking care of that child. Our staff are amazing and need monthly support.
One caregiver’s salary can be between $200-$300. At least 10 caregivers need support right now.

SECURITY GUARDS protect our children 24 hours a day at our locations. Between $100-$300 needed.


HOH Director, Brian Thomson, is needed to go to many countries to do extensive training to ensure our level of excellence is maintained. He raises his own funds separately and travels an average of 4 times a year. Every trip costs a minimum of $4000.
Countries we are working in right now that Brian visits regularly: Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda

Laptops and phones are always a huge need for our international staff. Communicating with many staff overseas is always a challenge, but is so much better when they have good laptops and phones. Donated phones or funds for phones are a great need.

Due to Alberta’s local economy, donations have been low, which means less administration funds to work with.
To keep our administration fee at the low rate of 10%, we fundraise separately towards administration fees.

The needs of thousands of orphans and desperate children, over 40 staff, and hundreds of people travelling in teams to Rwanda requires a substantial amount of administration. One of the areas that you can make a vital difference in, is by contributing to the administrative costs of our Canadian staff who make it all possible.

  • More staff is needed to ensure that every dollar is properly spent and best utilized as we expand and help more children. As a non-profit, we depend on our sponsors and our administration fee for our staff and administration.


You can give a Bible to a child, teen, or leader for only $12! There are always people in need of Bibles in our many locations. We ask every receiver of a Bible to pay at least $1 so that they value it more. We could easily give out 1000 Bibles.

These three projects can work together in one area: the bees will pollinate the bananas and the greenery can be fed to the rabbits.

  • Banana trees: Our newest project is planting banana trees in Rwanda & Congo. We have numerous parcels of land that are ready to be planted with banana trees that should provide a substantial income. $9,300CAD (one-time) would help generate $7,000US every harvest every year!
  • Bunnies: $775CAD would buy a male rabbit and 4 females (with cages) which would become 32 breeding females will generate at least $200/month!
  • Bee farm: $1,600CAD will buy a bee farm (15 pre-waxed hives). After the farm starts producing, it will generate $600/month! That is a 400% return a year!


We are currently helping over 10,000 children with sponsorship, feeding programs, microloans and more. We want to continue to increase this amount and help as many children as we can. Many children go hungry and malnourished. One of the most practical ways of helping these kids is to feed them a good, hot, nutritious meal.
Just $1/plate!

We are helping hundreds of "violated women" in DRCongo who would otherwise be rejected by society. We need more and more funds to provide these women with microloans to make money.
Find out more about this amazing and life-altering project here.


Something that makes Home of Hope different: we don't build orphanages, we create "family units". Widows become mothers and orphans become her children. What a better and more nurturing environment for those children to grow up in!
Costs involved: salary of "mother", rent of home, furniture, groceries, clothing, etc.
One of these units, specifically, is with a wonderful woman named Rachel (in picture). $363 CAD more a month is needed to keep this unit thriving.

Recently, the Kenyan government increased regulations on childcare organizations.
The amount of money needed to abide by these regulations seemed impossible, but now we have the funds in for the application process, the medical professional, social worker, 6 of the caregivers, Dream Centre manager. However, we are still in the process of fundraising for other aspects of running the Dream Centre. For example, the security guard ($318/month), the Nutritionist ($163/month), kindergarten teacher ($425/month), full-time driver ($425/month)

A part-time coordinator is needed to manage over 30 animal projects. We are wanting to start more animal co-ops as quick as possible, as it is a great way to help poor people to become self-sustaining. Rwanda, Congo, and Kenya

Animals Coordinator – Reporting, helping the process, agriculture training, sending pictures back to sponsors ($300/month)

Click here to learn more about the Animal Project

We own a number of parcels of land in key locations that need a training centre building to feed children, train adults in business, vocational training and more. Christians currently meet under trees, in small mud huts or under tarps – the need is great for buildings.

$10,000US needed for phase 1 of a building (as in the picture)
Brian and the team were there May2016. Watch the video here:

LEAD LOCATION: We have many projects in areas and groupings. We need a “Lead Location” in each of these areas that can be the “hub” or central place of training and development. We have a need for 5 major lead location areas so that we can help more children in that area. We would love to chat with anyone who could be interested in helping or would like more details.

  1. Western Rwanda: 8 locations. Land has been donated in Kamembe, and we now need to build a training centre on that land.
  2. Northwestern Rwanda, Idjwi Island, Congo: 7 locations with 7 more beginning! Land has been donated, and we now need to build a central building.

Buying Land: Many of our locations have NOTHING. We need to buy land in these areas to begin.
Approx $5,100CAD average would buy a 1-acre parcel of land to build a training centre (seats 300 people) and for banana crops.
Approx $7,700CAD would buy a larger piece of land and provide room to build a building and grow bananas as a source of income.
Approx $15,500CAD would buy 3-acres of land, which could allow more banana trees to be planted.

Not sure which project to choose?

Donate to our "undesignated/present need" fund here.