NEW Special Needs Family Unit (#7)

It has begun! These 5 children are finally moving into their family unit! We're super excited for these kids to become a family - which they already are, really. As we kick off our seventh family unit in Kenya from kids at the Dream Centre, we wanted to show you how this is such a big deal.

At this year's Silent Auction Fundraiser, we were able to raise funds for this family to start - which includes legal fees, beds, rent, funds for a caregiver and more.

Joshua's Story: Meet Joshua (11), a super resilient kiddo dealing with cerebral palsy. His left side needs a bit of extra love, and he's been getting physiotherapy for years thanks to an amazing supporter. The catch? We're not sure how long it'll last, and it costs $60 each month. On top of that, Joshua needs a bit of help with his face and mouth coordination, so he might benefit from some occupational and speech therapy, which could be an extra $60. Even though he's a bit slower at learning, he's rocking it in a special needs school where he can go at his own pace.

Luke's Story: Luke (5) has Down Syndrome. He's got some coordination challenges in his brain, but physically, he's doing great! Luke's speech needs a bit of tuning, though, and that's where speech therapy comes in. Plus, he's got this love affair with food and cartoons – it's adorable! But the special school he needs to attend comes with a hefty $850 fee every three months. We're in talks to bring that down, but your monthly sponsorship and therapy funds could really make a huge difference.

The other 3, Rosabella (7), Blessing (3) and Wairimu (6) are close with Luke and Joshua and are excited to be their official siblings.

Included in this family unit are the following five children:

1. Joshua Patrick Baraka (11) Has Cerebral Palsy with severe speech and body movement impairment

2. Luke Tumaini (5) Has Down Syndrome

3. Rosabella Neema (7) Luke’s sister

4. Blessing Ayana (3)

5. Wairimu Daniels (6)

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