She Reaped What She “Sewed”!

Christine is an incredibly hard-working 47-year-old Tumaini woman. Though she has come from tragedy, she has not let her heartbreaking past stop her from pursuing a greater life and her story is an inspiration to us all.

Christine is a talented seamstress and started her own business by leading a small cooperative of 5 women. She was then introduced to Home of Hope. Her work ethic and faithfulness clearly shined through, as she shared her desire to expand her business. After this display of passion and discipline, Christine and her girls were chosen to each receive a $100 microloan, with an idea to start making & selling clothes for children and women. They were able to buy 3 sewing machines and start the new business. Within 6 months, they were not only able to pay back the loan, but also start saving money each month. She was also recently able to rent this house to continue to support her rapid growth and expansion.

Christine and her team then started to teach young ladies to sew, who were able to pay $10 a month for training and currently have 24 students enrolled. They are now able to make $200 a month from teaching, in addition to the money they are making selling clothes. Christine’s plan is to continue to expand the business and hire all 24 women after training. She would also like to purchase an additional 22 sewing machines, so everyone can have their own to use and eventually start their own sewing school! To get people to take notice of the amazing thing Christine is doing, she needs to think about getting an online shop going to raise more money for what she is doing, checking out some seo for fashion strategies can help her get the word out.

Christine is incredibly grateful to Home of Hope sponsors for supporting the Tumaini Project . We have no doubt that she is going to continue with her success. What’s even greater, is that in that process, she is committed to helping other women reach their own hopes and dreams.

Now that’s a story worth sharing.

Article by: Katherine Meadows