Sewing for a Better Future – A Tumaini Project Story

Over the past decade, stories of women empowerment in the western world have flooded mainstream media. Through Home of Hope, African women are also given the chance to be empowered. Christine Wabulonga is one such woman.

Christine is an excellent seamstress and leads a cooperative of five women. The group got a microloan from Home of Hope Tumaini Project of 100 dollars each with their idea to start making and selling clothes for women and children. The women were able to purchase three sewing machines and started their business on the public road, as they didn’t have the funds to rent a space more suitable. The business on the road was tremendous, and after only six months the women had saved some money and were able to pay back the loan. They then had enough earnings to move the business from the road to a small house pictured here.

Christine and the women started to teach young ladies who paid 10 dollars per month for training. They have built up their training program to 24 students attending classes three times per week. The women make $200 a month for teaching others and also earn a profit for all of the dresses and other clothing that they sell. Their plan is to expand the business and employ all 24 women after their training is complete. They also have a plan to purchase more sewing machines. They are beyond thankful to Home of Hope sponsors for supporting the Tumaini project.

Home of Hope is a non-profit organization that helps children and one way we are doing this is by helping their mothers through the Tumaini Project.

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Article by: Bethany Caldow


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