Be your sponsor child’s pen pal!

Years ago, it was THE THING to have a pen pal. Someone from around the world that you would write letters back and forth. Raise your hand if you remember this phenomenon! ✋
It was always so exciting when that letter came in the mail!
kids reading letter from sponsorSomething that sets Home of Hope apart from many other charitable organizations, is that we encourage our sponsors to write their sponsor kids regularly.
Countless letters have been passed back and forth between sponsor child and sponsor - and we LOVE IT! And the kids love it even MORE!
Step 1: Write or type a letter (please include pictures!)
Step 2: Email it to
Letter Ideas:
  • Tell them about what your daily life looks like.
  • Is the weather cold? Most kids we help have never experienced cold weather, or even eating anything cold - like ice!
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Encourage them.
  • Ask them about their life, family, school, interests, sports they play, etc.
  • Ask them how your sponsorship is helping them.
We will email your letter and pictures to our staff member who will deliver the letter for you. We usually get very quick replies!
Haven't tried it yet? -- Give it a try and see!
Sent a letter in the past? -- It's time for another!
Questions? Contact us - we'd love to help!

Read a letter from a sponsor child to her sponsor!

Here is an example letter response we got from a sponsor child!

Don't sponsor a child yet?

Sponsor a child today and write them a letter! What a life-changing day for you and for the child you choose!