I finally met someone I had loved for years (A Sponsor’s Story)

Kellia - sponsor childWe started sponsoring Kellia in May of 2012. She was 3 years old, which was special to us because we have a daughter who was the same age as her. We started sending letters, photos & started to get to know her family situation. Her mother was sick, she has an older brother and her father had been killed by poisoning. They were starving and in a bad situation. When we started sponsoring them, their situation improved quickly as her mother also started a business with a microloan.

My husband was able to meet Kellia just a few months after we started sponsoring her on his first trip to Africa. She won his heart with her friendliness and with her silly grin. I was home with our 3 young children and looked forward to the day when I would finally get to meet her.

4 years later:

In April of 2016, I had the privilege of going to Africa with Home of Hope. I was so grateful to see the amazing organization my dad had started 9 years earlier, to meet the people we had prayed for and invested in for many years, and most of all, meet our Kellia, who was 7 years old.

Kellia and Joy's hug - sponsor's storyThe day I met Kellia, I remember pulling up to her church and feeling so much anticipation to meet the little girl who had been part of our family for 4 years. The Pastor of the church brought Kellia and her mom over to meet me, and it was such an incredible moment.

As soon as she saw me, she knew who I was, and she ran right up to hug me. She held on so tightly, and she held on for a couple of minutes, looked up at me and we both cried. I was so thankful to finally meet someone I had loved for years.

We spent the morning teaching at her church, and she was by my side and holding my hand all morning. I taught in the kids Sunday school and the kids asked such intelligent questions about God’s purpose for their lives and about the Holy Spirit that blew me away. Then after church, we were able to take her out for lunch and spend a few hours with her!

It was absolutely unforgettable to feel the love that Kellia had for me, and to know that we weren’t just making a difference… we had made a lasting connection.

Written by Joy H.


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