Kids Living on the Street – How would you help their future?


Thanks to Home of Hope Erick (see picture below) has left the street and is being taken care of by this woman from the church. He is selling charcoal and making money for them!

And there is a plan in place to help five other children get off the streets.

This is just the beginning!

200dpi Erick with caregiver rocks

Original Story:

Our team in Bukavu, DR Congo, Ephrem and his wife Deborah, told us about a group of street children and teens who they had started helping. They were asking for help because they wanted to do more than they were able.
These 100 children of all ages are orphans and living on the street. Their only option is to find abandoned houses and construction sites to sleep in on the floor. They have learned to wrap their legs with plastic bags to keep warm and protect their legs from bugs, mosquitos and the diseases they could carry.
Ephrem had a good idea to get the older ones (ages 14+) working together to make money. They began crushing large rocks and selling the "gravel". The teenagers take turns hammering the rocks. For the children under 14, they have started selling charcoal door-to-door. These young teens are able to make money to both buy more charcoal and provide their own personal care.
The goal is to find a building or some land to build a building - so that they can have their own shelter.
In the meantime, our team has been feeding them, giving them clothing and health cards (which gives them access to free medical treatment) as funds come in.
Feed a child for $1
Buy 1 health card for $6
An outfit is only $8
Maybe after that, we can send them all to school!
We are so proud of our team who started helping these children before they had the means to do so.
Ephrem says "I grew up an orphan. I know what it feels like. It is my passion to help these children despite my limited resources. Thank you to the sponsors who keep helping us to make these orphaned and abandoned children happy and cared for."

Look at the pictures below - such precious faces!

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Want to help these kids?

Please contact us or give online.

Want to help these kids?

Please contact us or give online.