A sponsor child’s letter to her sponsor


Ellen started sponsoring Joy in Kenya on April 1, 2011 and they have been writing letters ever since.

The letter you just read grabs you doesn’t it? This kind of cross-cultural sharing and exchanging of lives is just one of the benefits you will have when you sponsor a child from Kenya or even Rwanda or India.

In this case Ellen is receiving her joy from Joy so many miles away. Her decision to start to sponsor a child has changed both their worlds. Joy sounds so excited about her new sheets and blankets and even thrilled that she got to go shopping for them with her Grandmother. Small pleasures bring big joy. This wouldn’t be possible without the generous sponsorship and support of people like Ellen. This child and her family are benefitting in so many ways. They are eating, attending school and staying warm at night because of one woman’s act to share a little of what she had with a child around the world.

Think about sponsoring your own special child. Think about affecting and uplifting a family by one simple decision to share. To share your time, your money and your own family with one child who’s life can be changed. Make a difference, be the difference.

Sponsorship offers this. Please contact Home of Hope for more information on how you can supply basic life-giving needs to children a world away from your own. They are waiting for you to call…

Article written by: Lee MacBean