AMAZING SUCCESS STORY: Sponsor child graduating college!

We love success stories!

A great sponsor from Calgary, Chez (Sh-ay), went to Rwanda in 2008 and met a soft-spoken and polite teenage boy who was struggling to pay for school and was homeless. He was 5 during the Rwanda Genocide when his father and two brothers were murdered. He was alive because he hid with his mother and sisters.

Chez had compassion on him and decided to help him with his school fees, then university tuition.
Someone in his church took him in and allowed him to stay with them while he was in school.

This year, he will be graduating with a degree in Public Relations & Communication and he is so thankful for the help from Chez and Home of Hope. Here is a note that Andrew sent February 2016,

“I’m informing you the good news. Years ago, I had no hope of future. Now I am ready to graduate on March 3, 2016 because of Home of Hope. I am so thankful for it!… Is there anything I could do to thank Home of Hope? I would like to volunteer at least. I am ready to contribute my skills that I have learned in University.

Thank you once again. Home of Hope gives me belief and hope and to those who have lost it.”

Andrew is the first Home of Hope sponsor child to graduate with a degree! We are so proud of him!

What inspiration for us to continue to do good together!