Christian, Home of Hope Leader in the DRCongo, has given us the following report:

Overview of the Situation:
Christian Mugisho, posted a video online that went semi-viral after rescuing a refugee woman and her baby in Goma. The woman had collapsed due to hunger, and Christian’s team's intervention saved both the mother and child. This act of kindness was captured on a video and has over 250k views so far! You must see it!

See the video here:

congo christian report woman collapsed viral video
A woman collapsed on the road - the video went viral
congo christian report woman collapsed viral video
We were able to help this woman greatly! Mattress, food, water and more


Response from the Public:

The video resonated with many viewers, prompting amazing support and donations for desperate refugee children. People were moved by Christian’s actions. Donations started pouring in from various sources, including local contributions as well as donations from Congolese individuals residing in America, Europe, and Africa. In total, an impressive sum of $1204 has been raised thus far.


Use of Funds:

The funds collected are being put to good use to help refugees in need. The team at Home of Hope Congo is actively involved in visiting refugee camps every week to provide essential support. Their efforts include evangelizing, and distributing tarps, food supplies, and other basic necessities to help alleviate the hardships faced by women and children in these camps.

congo christian report feeding children
congo christian refugee camp report
congo christian tarps refugee camp report
congo christian tarps refugee camp report


Christian Mugisho’s selfless act not only saved lives but also inspired a wave of generosity within the community. The collective response to his actions goes to show just how powerful social media can be in mobilizing support for humanitarian causes. Through the effective utilization of donated funds, Home of Hope Congo is making a tangible difference in the lives of refugees by offering them much needed assistance and hope for a better future.

It's not too late to get involved!

The need is great in DRCongo right now! There are more refugees seeking shelter and people in desperate situations. Our team is doing all that they can right now, but if they had more funds, they would be able to help even more people!