Withdrawing from self-sufficient location

The Backstory: When Brian Thomson went to Rwanda for the first time in 2007, he was connected with Pastor Samuel of a church in the subdivision of Gikondo in the capital city of Kigali. This is how Home of Hope started! He started helping the most desperate children in that church and community.
Now, over 10 years later, we are proud to say that we are no longer needed in this area! What a difference sponsorship in this area has done!
The kids are doing better, the church is doing amazing and the entire community is better because of Home of Hope! Sponsorship is not needed there anymore! What a “good problem”!
We made a huge difference in an entire community!
Sponsors of kids in that area were asked to move their sponsorship to children in more needy locations and situations. We are SO GRATEFUL for all of these sponsors who were happy about this news and gladly switched to a help a different child!
Here is a video of a girl named Laurette who is so thankful:

This year, we are making huge improvements and our goal is to get two updates a year for each sponsored child! This is a huge job, but we appreciate our sponsors and want them to be connected with their sponsor child as much as possible. This is so important!
The best way that you can connect with your sponsor child is actually by emailing a letter and pictures of your family to office@homeofhope.ca! I highly recommend doing this! Corresponding with your sponsor child not only means the world to your sponsor child, but it changes us, as sponsors! Our money is not just going to some child around the world… it is making a world of difference to this one child who REALLY DOES want a relationship with us. How amazing!
Home of Hope Operations Manager

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