The Wonderful Mystery of Dan Peters

How did Dan Peters figure out that Africa is where he needed to be? How did a real estate agent in Alberta – Calgary/Airdrie and surrounding areas (see his website) – start helping thousands of people around the world?

Going back to 2007, Brian Thomson, the Director of Home of Hope, had started projects in Rwanda, specifically building a duplex for orphans. Dan felt he wanted to contribute funds towards the project, and when he presented Brian with the funds, Brian said “you should come with me to Rwanda” and Dan’s response was “I need to go to Maui, not Rwanda”!  Dan thought that if he saw terrible poverty first-hand, he would end up guilt-ridden for enjoying the prosperity and luxury of life that we enjoy in Canada, compared to Africa.

A few months later, in a church service, Pastor Ed Furst announced that he was planning a mission trip to Rwanda, and was looking for businessmen to go with him, stating that the next week, Brian Thomson would be coming to Olds to teach an introductory session for people interested in going on the trip. Dan looked around the church, and thought… “yes, some of these businessmen should go.” That afternoon, Dan was reading a business related book that said something like “instead of going on a vacation to Maui, as a business owner, you could consider going on a trip to an underdeveloped country to help people learn business skills.” Almost immediately, Dan’s wife walked into the room, and randomly asked, “don’t you think you should go to that course?”

“OK God, I’ll go!!” seemed the only logical and reasonable answer.

So, plans were made, and the first of what have now become 23 mission trips… and counting… happened. The warmth of the people, the eagerness to accept help the little help we could offer, experiencing the sheer joy of being able to see people who had no hope, now having hope for their lives, seeing how a little can make such a huge difference….well it became addicting.

Dan says:

“I didn’t think I had anything much I could offer, but I discovered the joy and fulfillment that being able to help the less fortunate brings, it is a privilege being able to help the poor. It has given me a continued vision and determination to see my business succeed, so that I can continue to go on mission trips to Africa and other places,  and do what I love to do”.

Next time you say “never” to God, watch out!

Is it your time to join a trip to see what Dan has so fallen in love with?

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