A story that matches my own? I HAD to change the story!

Maureen. 14 years old. Grade 9. Broken. Hurt. Abandoned. Fatherless. This is her story. This was my story. I held back the tears as I read. I couldn’t believe that someone I had never met had gone through exactly what I went through. Raised by a single mom who did everything that she could to put food on the table.
Future = Not sure
College = Probably not…

S-O-M-E-O-N-E had to sponsor her, love her, pay for her schoolingsend her to collegegive her a future………..
I could do that.

Then: Purpose = no
Hopeless = yes
Enough = no
Loved = maybe
Identity = Who knows?  … This all was me.

Now: HEALED. Loved. E-n-o-u-g-h. Child of God.
Identity = In Christ.  … This is me now.

Maureen. 14 years old. Grade 9. Now chosen, whole, healed, beautiful, child of God, loved, purposeful.
Future = YES!
College = YES!

I would never have imagined that my story would match up with someone else’s story and that I would have the opportunity to show her the love that so many people showed me when my story was her story. I now have the privilege to support and guide her, and show her God’s amazing love!

As soon as I read this girl’s story, I wanted to give her a FUTURE! A future like mine.


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