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 Just $50/month sponsorship can provide basic care for the children.

The children shown here are in order of most desperate.


**The Kenya Dream Centre children require more because each child requires more care plus housing, healthcare, medication and schooling.


Rwanda: J De Dieu Gisubizo

Needs $50/month

Age: 10
J De Dieu is in grade 3 now! Both of his parents died of HIV/AIDS. He is known for his kind heart and soft spirit. He will always go out of his way to help others and is always encouraging his friends! When he grows up his dream is to become a lawyer! He also dreams of being fluent in English and working as a translator! J De Dieu thinks bananas are the most delicious things in the world.



Child Sponsorship

Kenya: Brian Musyoki

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 10

Brian is in grade 2! He is currently going through a difficult time and struggling with negetive influence. All of his siblings dropped out of school to collect scrap metal for money because they were struggling. Sometimes Brian thinks he should do the same, but knows that education is his main hope for a good future. He is a kind hearted boy who loves soccer and laughing.

 Sponsor BRIAN 

Rwanda: Patrick Hafashimana

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 11
Patrick is known for his kindness. His father died when he was very young and his mother is HIV+ and often sick.  He loves going to school and learning, especially Kinyarwanda. Patrick's dream is to become a doctor when he grows up! He is also very athletic, he loves to run and set up races with his friends- which he usually wins! Patrick also loves soccer and eating rice and beans.


Rwanda: Aline Murekatete

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 14
She is known for her kind heart and gentle spirit regardless of her situation. She is a complete orphan, both of her parents were poisoned when she was just a young girl. She is struggling with her eyesight and potentially will become fully blind in the next few months to year. Despite this, she is known for her kindness and determination!

 Sponsor ALINE 

Sponsor A Child

Kenya: Shalom Angel Juma

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 4
Shalom's mother was raped at age 14, resulting in her becoming pregnant. She gave birth to Shalom and abandoned her with her mother. Shalom is 4 years old, vibrant, funny, and loves to dance!


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