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 Just $50/month sponsorship can provide basic care for the children.

The children shown here are in order of most desperate.


**The Kenya Dream Centre children require more because each child requires more care plus housing, healthcare, medication and schooling.



Dream Centre: Esther Wanjiru

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 5
Esther was only 6 months old when her mother abandoned her in the slum of Nariobi, Kenya. A neighbour heard her crying but could not take care of her, so they called the police who gave custody to the Dream Centre! Esther has grown into a joyful 5 year old who is known as "Queen Esther" because of her determination! Esther loves her preschool classes and is very quick to participate. She is known for always being willing to share and playing well with others.

 Sponsor Esther 

Rwanda: Jean Marie Niyonsenga

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 8
Father died, Mother abandoned him. 
Jean Marie is a kind hearted boy! His father recently passed away, leaving his mother to care for him and his two younger siblings. Last week, his mother was unable to pay rent and she took her youngest child and left. Jean Marie has been abandoned. A kind neighbour took him in and has given him a bed, but she cannot afford to feed him or send him to school. Sponsorship will ensure Jean Marie can still go to school, 


 Sponsor Jean Marie 

Dream Centre: Mary Wangare

Needs $50/month

Age: 6
When Mary was just 2 years old she and her brother (4) were abandoned by their mother on the side of the road. She told them she was going to get them some food and never returned. Since living at the Dream Centre, Mary has grown into a very confident and funny young girl! She is always looking for ways to make people laugh and loves to tell stories! 



Dream Centre: Emmanuel Isaac Imani

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 4
Emmanuel mostly goes by Mr.President! His mother was just a young teen when she got pregnant and called the Dream Centre for help when she thought her only option was to abort her baby. She gave full custody of Mr.President to the Dream Centre! They call him that because he is a born leader and loves to correct others! He has a good sense of humour and is often asking questions and learning new things!


 Sponsor Emmanuel 

Sponsor Alvin

Kenya: Alvin Matee

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 13
Alvin is in grade 8! He is known for his hard work and dedication to school, he is determined to do well! Although he had a late start due to lack of school fees- he worked hard enough to move ahead a grade! He loves helping his grandma around the house, and is known for his kindness and willingness to help. His dream when he grows up is to become a doctor!


Kenya: Catherine Njoki

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 9
Catherine is calm and bright. Her father died of HIV/AIDS and her mother is HIV+.  Catherine loves going to school to learn but unfortunately cannot regularly attend due to lack of school fees. Her mother works hard doing odd jobs washing other peoples clothing but often cannot afford to do more than feed her children. Catherine is kind to all who she meets!

 Sponsor Catherine 

Kenya: Purity Nafula

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 9
Purity loves going to school, and loves learning. She is in grade four and in the top 5 of her class! She loves learning math, so much so her dream is to become an accountant! Purity is known for her kindness and willingness to help others.

 Sponsor Purity 

Rwanda: Emmanuel Ngabonziza

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 15
Emmanuel is in grade 5! He loves going to school and learning English and dreams of becoming fluent in it! He has 8 siblings, and he loves to play soccer with them! He is known for his big smile and always being willing to help.

 Sponsor Emmanuel 

Rwanda: Yves Muhuzaneza

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 9
Yves' father recently passed away and his mother has two broken legs, resulting in her being unable to work. They are very poor, he has two siblings who are unable to attend school due to lack of school fees. Because of his sponsorship, he is able to go to school and learn, and he helps his siblings learn to read and write. Yves loves laughing with his friends and playing soccer.

 Sponsor Yves 

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