Sponsor a Child

 Just $50/month sponsorship can provide basic care for the children.

The children shown here are in order of most desperate.


**The Kenya Dream Centre children require more because each child requires more care plus housing, healthcare, medication and schooling.


Kenya: Joseph

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 5
Joseph was abandoned by his mother when he was just a baby. Unable to care for him, she left him malnourished and sick. He is still recovering from undernourishment and regaining his health. Through all the struggles, Joseph is known for being so much fun to be around and having a contagious laugh.

 Sponsor Joseph 

Kenya: Meshack Chembukha

Needs $50/month

Age: 3
Meshack's mother made the choice to abandon her baby. She was a sex worker and HIV+ and knew she could not care for him. Meshack was found abandoned in an apartment, and it was assumed he had been there at least 3 days. There is no trace of any of his relatives or anyone to care for him. He is very malnourished and often doesn't smile.



Kenya: Joy Anne Waswa

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 5
Joy Anne is a product of rape. Her mother was just 14 when she became pregnant with her and didn't know what to do except have an abortion. She was young, desperate, and alone. She went to church, received counsel and decided to give birth to her baby. At only 14, she knew she couldn't provide for her little girl so she gave her to the church to care for. Joy is now 5 and loves to learn new things!


 Sponsor JOY 

Kenya: Kimberly Atieno

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 6
Kimberly was found abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby. The local government rescued her and brought her to the church! She is honest, caring, and loves singing!


Kenya: Ruth Mmbona

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 3
Ruth's mother had HIV/AIDS and was too sick to take care of her little girl. She gave her daughter to the church and shortly after passed away. There are no living relatives, and she is completely alone.

 Sponsor Ruth 

Kenya: Ephraim Waswa


 Needs: $50/month

Age: 3

Ephraim is a total orphan. When he was rescued he was very malnourished and is still regaining his health. He loves playing soccer and can always make people laugh!

 Sponsor Ephraim 

Kenya: Moses Wafula

(Needs $50/month)

Age: 5
Moses father died of AIDS and his mother is currently dying of the same disease. She was unable to care for him because of her illness, so she gave him to the church to care for. Although Moses has faced tragedy, he is outgoing and energetic and loves to play soccer.

 Sponsor Moses 

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