It was so fulfilling to be in Cyuru, Rwanda again

Look at this fun email that Brian sent out today to the team members who helped Cyuru, Rwanda in 2009:


Hi Team of 2009:

I was just in Cyuru, Rwanda today and I wanted to send you a personal thank you for coming many years ago.
It was very fulfilling to be there and look back from 2009 until now.
It was incredible to see a solid church with 800 people for a Monday service!
Looking at the building, it is still very strong and serves hundreds of people each week.
The stage was full of young people dancing, singing and spiritually alive. My friend from Canada, Andrew and I baptized 15 people!
Many of you on the team helped to build the building, weld the trusses and other practical things like building the playground.

That 2009 team was so important for this location and I just wanted to say another thanks 14 years later. Thanks for coming on that team and making such a lasting impact!

Let me know if you have any questions at all.


Bless you!


Brian Thomson
Home of Hope Founder