Baby Rescued from an Outhouse – 16 years later

In 2007, Mary Noela was thrown down an outhouse in Rwanda, just two days after her birth. Thanks to the kindness of a neighbor woman who took her in, as well as the financial support of a Canadian sponsor, Mary Noela survived and is thriving today. In April 2023, author Brian Thomson visited Rwanda and was emotional meeting Mary Noela again, now a teenager, and seeing the impact of her inspiring story.

Mary noela pointing at her picture in meant 4 more brian thomson's book

Mary Noela’s story (excerpt from Meant 4 More):

Reader discretion advised

Because of the difficult economic situation in Jabana and other areas of Rwanda, as well as other nations where we are currently serving, we have come across many cases where children are suffering.

Mary Noela 2008
Mary Noela (in blue) a few years after being rescued

That is what broke my heart on the first trip, and it is what continues to motivate me and so many others today.
One of the most memorable children we have cared for is Mary Noela Mugisha. In 2007, she was dropped down the hole of an outhouse shack in Jabana, Rwanda, when she was only two days old. This beautiful little girl was literally thrown away! I cannot even imagine what her mother must have been going through to make such a desperate decision.

Mary Noela 2006
Mary Noela 2006

A neighbor woman came by later and heard the baby’s cries. She went for help, and the baby was rescued from the hole in the ground. One of the local Home Church members offered to receive the baby into her home to live with her family. A Canadian sponsor partnered with Home of Hope to help her care for the child financially.

Mary Noela (6)
Age 4 (Brian took this picture in 2010)
Mary Noela (8)
Age 6
mary noela 8
Age 9
Mary Noela 10
Age 10
Mary Noela Age 11
Age 11
Mary Noela, 14
2022, age 14 (in green and yellow)

This lovely girl is alive today because someone cared enough to rescue her, a family opened their doors to her, and another person’s heart was touched to give money every month. Mary Noela is known for her compassion and her heart of gold. She adores going to school and is so thankful for every good thing in her life. She has a dream of becoming a doctor so she can help other abandoned babies.


2023 UPDATE:

Brian: During my recent trip to Rwanda in April 2023, I had the incredible privilege of meeting Mary Noela. I can hardly describe the emotions as I looked over and almost instantly recognized her. I grabbed Aimee, our translator, and introduced myself, but she knew who I was already. It was emotional for us both. Together we looked through my book, “Meant 4 More” and I flipped to page 25 and pointed at the story of a rescued baby. I said, “This is you!” Mary Noela’s face lit up with recognition and she smiled at me.

Mary Noela had been sponsored by someone and I asked if she would like to do a video for them. She seemed grateful for the opportunity.

I gave her a copy of Meant 4 More to keep and read herself (with translation help, of course).

It’s difficult to explain just how fulfilling it is to have met her as a baby, just recently rescued – to now, 16 years old. It was an emotional day for sure!

I gave Mary Noela a warm hug before leaving. It was truly an honor to have her story included in my book. I am grateful that Mary Noela and her adoptive mother had given their consent for me to share her story with the world!


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