New Family Units in Bungoma, Kenya

God is putting the solitary into families! We are happy to announce that 12 children from the Dream Centre will be part of a family soon!

orphans moving to Bungoma rural to new family unit kenya

These 12 children are being relocated to Bungoma, Kenya to become part of one of two family units led by Levi and Dorothy or Jeremiah and Jane. They will live in a more rural area, so the children will be free to explore in a very much safer environment. We are so excited for them!

Jeremiah and Jane have opened their home to many children over the years and have been very instrumental in raising strong healthy children into adults. One of those children was Levi. 22 years ago he was taken in by Jeremiah and Jane. He has grown to be a vital part of the Bungoma church, is married, and is ready to help some more children. Jeremiah and Jane will become mom and dad to 6 rescued children.

Levi and Dorothy will become mom and dad to another 6 rescued children who have lived at the Dream Centre.

Would you consider donating toward the expenses involved with this exciting move?

  • Legal Custody: $470 CAD
    This allows the new parents to have legal guardianship of the children to make decisions for them.
  • School: $188 CAD
    Each of the children will be going to a new school, so new uniforms and tuition are needed.
  • Essentials: $442 CAD
    Bigger appliances in the house to handle 6 more children, bed/bedding and other essentials

Click here to see an explanation from Brian:

Andrew Tiel interviewing Levi and his new family:


This will make such a difference for these kids!


Your donation to this exciting move is greatly appreciated!