Dwayne Abraham is a guy who can make anything work. After 20 years in the oilfield you learn a thing or two about making things happen or work when it doesn’t look possible.

That was the resounding theme for Dwayne’s volunteer trip to Rwanda this past March. This 41 year old well services field supervisor from Red Deer, Alberta has known for some time that he would be heading to Rwanda, it was just the timing that needed to get into place.

Two years ago he was prompted to consider a trip to Rwanda by what he says was a “voice that just told him” at some point he would go to Rwanda to help out in that country.  He thought perhaps he might come and check out the gorillas and incorporate a vacation out of it as well.  As it happens, his wife also had a dream in which she saw Dwayne and her, retired, with grey hair, and working in Africa happily.  She thought it meant something.

One night at his church, it was mentioned that Pastor Ed Furst from the Olds location was taking a team to Rwanda. That caught Dwayne’s attention.  As he was leaving church and getting into his car he had a stirring about talking with Ed, and his wife confirmed his inklings by telling him he should go back in and talk with Ed.  Dwayne followed his wife’s advice and did just that.  He got out of his car and went back into the church and talked briefly with Ed about his desire to go with the team Ed was taking over.  After a few emails and a meeting in February in Olds with Brian Thomson, Dwayne was committed to this adventure.

This trip wasn’t out his realm of thinking 5 years ago but the trip has affected his growth and not only benefited Rwandans but Dwayne has been changed.  His soul as Dwayne states has been put on a better path.  As he puts it has “changed his gears.”

“This trip is not a holiday, but come for the adventure and experience it’s totally worthwhile. I want to bring my whole family.  This country is safe and looked after, and here people take care of you.” Dwayne says with enthusiasm.

“Here Rwandan people are caring for one another and full of happiness.  Their level of hunger for the word of God is amazing. I think about how blessed Canada is and it seems we are mad, angry, frustrated, upset and self-focused.  We have nothing to complain about.”  The spiritual climate is alive and well and God is at work everywhere.

Dwayne is right. The people of Rwanda are full of faith and hope in the future.  They aren’t living in their past.  Their focus is on the future and building a nation for that future. You can see the progress on every street and in even in the communities of the hills of Rwanda.  Progress and economic growth are happening.

You can be a part of that future.  There are so many ways to participate in the change and to be the difference.  Sponsor a child, sponsor a widow, give to a building project or even give a one-time donation.  But don’t short change yourself.  Come on a trip with Home of Hope.  Come to change the lives of people in Rwanda, in India or in Kenya.  You might be surprised to find out that your life is the one that is changed.

Article written by: Lee MacBean

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