Feeding Program

The Buhoro feeding program is a growing success. This feeding program is growing weekly and keeping Doreen and her workers very busy. This quality program starts the day with some programming for the children (10:00am) and then a lunch program serves up what might be the children’s only meal for the week. With such a blessing existing in a desperate area, the feeding program is gaining a reputation and children are walking up to an hour just to partake of the meal that is provided for these children on Saturdays.

This week Brian Thomson, Director of Home of Hope spoke with Doreen (caregiver) and she reported that they are not only feeding 200 children each week, but 100 more children are walking far and showing up. Seeing how malnourished they are, she can’t turn them away. Last Saturday they fed 300 children with the same amount of food. Doreen said, “Please send over $230 more money, so we can give all the children a big meal, ONCE a week.” One meal for a child only costs 25 cents. With more money, we could start feeding the children twice a week, or give more meat in the meal. Help give these children a chance at life. A chance at possibly the only meal they will receive this week.

Can you help? Can you make a difference in a nation across the world? We think you can and we are here to help you make that change. Call Home of Hope or check out the project page for further contact information. Go ahead, make a difference.

Article written by: Lee MacBean