From Your Heart to Theirs

This picture really says it all about a sponsor sending a gift to their sponsor child overseas.

After having the privilege of being present when a child receives a gift from their sponsor from Canada I can tell you it is really incredible to see the face of a child light up so quickly and so brilliantly when they take hold of that gift in their own precious hands. Many just look at the gift and touch it, feel it, and look at the wrapping or package it came in. Some dive right in and rip into it and squeals of joy and happiness and the look of sheer joy are so evident on their precious faces. With either of these ways of opening their gifts the children are always, always, so tremendously happy it really is hard to put into words. If this is something you would like to do we have teams going over to Rwanda often and they would love to help you connect with your child by bringing them a small gift package. The best way to send some love from Canada is in a large Ziploc bag. This size works well for the team bringing them as it is easy to transport to your child in their suitcase and also once in Rwanda to their sometimes remote areas. We have tried this method and size and it works really well. You can pack a lot into those Ziplocs! Thanks again for all you do!

PS… If this way of connecting with your child just doesn’t seem enough, we would love to take you on a team to see them in person! That is one decision you won’t regret.

Apply online today. If you or anyone you know has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you connect to your child with gifts, emails (translation is available) and yes, even helping on a team to where your sponsor child lives. Call us today! 403-343-6570 ext 6

Article written by: Lee MacBean

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