The Stella Project

Six years ago a Home of Hope mission team met Stella for the first time. She was living in the Korogocho slum of Nairobi with her six children. Their house had only one bed, no bathroom and no lights. The walls were covered with garbage to block rain from coming into the house. There was a sewage line that ran right outside their house. The dirty water attracted many insects, including malaria-carrying mosquitoes. None of Stella’s six children were attending school, let alone eating regular meals.

Stella’s only source of income was collecting plastic bags from the dump and cleaning them. For every 1000 bags she collected and cleaned, she would earn 75 cents. This took Stella three entire days to accomplish. Born and raised in the slum herself, she had no hope for a better future for herself or for her children.

Moved by compassion, one of the Home of Hope mission team members decided to take action. She partnered with another person to help move Stella out of the slum and give her a microloan of $150. The two agreed to pay her rent for one year ($50 dollars per month) so that she could start a business and provide for her family. Only $750 can completely change a family forever.

There are so many other stories of women like Stella who need help. Stella used to only make six dollars in an entire month. Now she can make $100 per month at her new job of cooking and selling food. She loves her new job and her future is bright.

Today Stella radiates joy. Her countenance has completely changed. Her future, which was once dark, is now full of hope and light. She has a new apartment with running water and a bathroom. Her children are safe.

Job 5:16 “So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts her mouth.”

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Article by Bethany Caldow