Will you be the one to stop?

We all have a past. You may have been abused or someone may have wronged you. All of us have that one person who has made a difference in your life. That one person who has made it better – and maybe you are thinking of that person right now. Where would you be today if that person didn’t do what they did for you? Would you still be in the ditch? Would you still be struggling, feeling hopeless, or feeling like there is no light or no way up?

Like the parable of the Good Samaritan, one man was robbed and beaten and left alone in the ditch. Two people walked by and didn’t stop, they didn’t help him get cleaned up, or take him somewhere safe;  they just walked by and did nothing. And maybe you have experienced something like this where people just walk by. Being in the ditch is hard when you’re feeling down, feeling like there is no way up and you see the people that just walk by and do nothing; like you’re not even seen.

BUT then the solution comes along: the Samaritan. He didn’t walk on the other side of the road and pass him. The Samaritan stopped to check on him and ended up lending a helping hand and making a difference to someone he didn’t know. All it took was one person to stop and be selfless, knowing that he may never be repaid. But that’s the thing – he may not physically be repaid, but the feeling you get from being kind, from being selfless, from making a difference is the reward within itself in which no one can put a price. You cannot put a price on the feeling of fulfillment.

Home of Hope is rescuing many children from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya who are often malnourished and beaten up like the person in the ditch. They are left in the garbage dump, in the slum or on the streets with many walking right past them and doing nothing. Will you be the one to stop? Will you be the one to sow into someone else’s recovery? Will you be the one that makes a difference?

The good Samaritan SAW a need, got involved and SOWED into someone else’s recovery. He gave whatever he could to help someone else… A complete stranger

You’ve had a person that made a difference in your life and stopped and helped you out of the ditch. So whose life will YOU be that helping hand in? Which person are YOU going to be the one to make a difference to?

Written by: Lynzee Berreth

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