Sakina: A Woman Who Dared To Dream

A Woman Who Dared To Dream

Sakina is a mother of ten children, living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo is known to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. Armed groups, including the militias, military and even the police, are guilty of torturing and gang-raping many Congolese women. Sakina was one of these women. She was not only raped by multiple gangsters, but also intentionally infected with HIV, which she has since passed on to one of her children through breastfeeding. It might be easy to see why this woman would feel broken and defeated and left with very little hope for her dreams or future.

However, Sakina is a very courageous women who refused to give up. Her hope was eventually restored and her dreams were starting to become a reality, when she became a recipient of a microloan of $100 from a generous sponsor with the Tumaini Project. With this small loan, she started her own water business, and in no time at all, was able to pay back the entire loan. In fact, Sakina did so well she was able to double her income in a very short timeframe and was then able to expand her business, including the purchase of a motorbike for supplying water. She also created a cooperative of 80 women who are now able to provide food & shelter for their families and save an additional $3/day!

She is the only woman in her area to run such a successful project.

What a beautiful story of hope and God’s redemption displayed daily through Sakina’s life and example.

Thanks to sponsors, Sakina got her life back. But sadly, there are still thousands of Congolese women like Sakina, that require help. Who still cling to hope for a change or breakthrough.

If you join Home of Hope on this journey, you too could sponsor a woman like Sakina to escape the threats of sexual violence and poverty. One microloan gives a Congolese woman the opportunity to build a successful business so they can be self-sufficient, and are then able to take care of their families.

If this is something you would like to help with, please contact the Home of Hope office. By equipping other women to rise above their circumstances, they are able to break the cycle of poverty and create change within their own communities.


Article by Katherine Meadows