Small can make a BIG difference

Have you ever have a fly in your room while you’re trying to sleep?
Have you ever thrown or skipped a rock into a pond?

The small things can make a big difference!

A few years ago, Home of Hope was the compassion project at a local conference of a few hundred women. We had a goal of raising $25,000 for the Stella Project in Kenya. Look at this huge stack of envelopes and donations! And over $40,000 was raised, way surpassing the goal. That alone is so amazing, but here is what stands out to me — the largest gift was $1,500. There wasn’t a few people who gave huge lumps that brought in $40,000. It was a whole bunch of smaller gifts from regular people, giving what they could, that added up to a huge difference total, and ultimately impacting hundreds of lives in Kenya.


Ever feel like what you are able to do is just too small, so you don’t do it?

I challenge you, if you feel like what you are able to do is small, DO IT ANYWAY. If we apply this to every area of our lives, we will be people of integrity who get things done.

Here are some images you can copy and share to inspire others:

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