SPONSORS ARE FINDING OUT about a new way of giving that benefits them more

Sponsors are finding out about a new way of giving that actually will benefit them more.

A sponsor talked to Pastor Brian earlier this year and asked if they can give a donation to Home of Hope directly from their investments. This was a great idea, but we didn’t have anything set up.

We are now able to receive donated shares and units In-Kind from investments, stocks, bonds, non-registered Mutual Funds and segregated funds.

Before you make a donation, consider if you have an investment account that you can give directly from instead.

There are some great benefits of doing this:

  • Pay NO TAX on the growth of your investment.
  • Get the full tax benefit. The charity gives you a donation receipt at the end of the year for income tax credit.
  • Donated shares are exempt from any Capital Gains.

It’s EASY! Fill out the form (Form T2033) with the information and sign it over to Home of Hope.


Watch this 15-second video:

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