Brothers Rescued!

Sponsorship making a difference

Young brothers, David and Moses, have been rescued from a life of abuse and trauma.

A neighbor discovered the boys late one late evening when he responded to Moses’ cries for help. Tied to their kitchen table, the father was missing and their mother had abandoned them in a rage. She would taunt and beat them saying, “I want to kill you and forget you forever, that you may not bother me with food again!” Young David still has a swollen foot from being hit with a wooden pallet when asked for food.

Due to the nature of their upbringing, they are still recovering from the trauma, but now they are fed and loved in a safe environment. They are both growing like weeds and in perfect health! They have friends at their new school and continue to heal. David can communicate fluently in English, and Moses is improving. Both love to learn!

Thanks to people like you, these young boys were rescued and have a bright future in front of them!

Article by Lani Ledingham

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