4-year-old chose to donate his money to feed children

When a child takes his own initiative, you know good parenting has taken place. Diesel Fisher, a 4-year-old boy from Red Deer, recently decided to not only give his tithe to God, but his savings for the whole year to hungry kids in Africa.

Throughout the year, Diesel collected his gift money from birthdays and grandparents, and stowed it away in his piggy bank. As he and his parents recently counted it all together, the total came to $110.25.

“We taught him about putting God first with money and the 10% tithe, so he set that aside with an open heart,” says Kristi. “I traded the rest of the change for his favourite ‘red money’. Two $50 dollar bills, which he has wanted for a long time!”

As any young boy would, Diesel has an obsession with Lego, and, well, investing in silver. But this time, he looked at his mommy and said, “I want to give it all to God.”

Kristi has travelled with Home of Hope before on a mission trip to see firsthand what is happening there. With her love for the kids in Africa, she openly shares with her boys the stories and videos that come through the HOH newsletter and social media. One in particular moved Diesel’s heart [see post he saw here]. It was the one where Pastor Brian showed how $1 could feed a child a hot meal.

Diesel nearly came to tears and said, “I want to feed those children.”

With his $100, he can feed 100 children with the HOH Feeding Program!

“He was so excited and has decided what he is going to do with his money – give it to God by feeding his children,” says Kristi.

Kristi and her husband, Curtis, have two young boys. Diesel, in particular, was a miracle and evidence of their sowing into other children’s lives. And now, Diesel is carrying on the Fisher legacy by helping other little children.