His past is not his daughter’s future – Story of Jean Marie

Written by Connie Thomson

One of the stories that I love in Brian's book, Meant 4 More, is the story of Jean Marie. He became an orphan at the age of 2 in Rwanda and lived with his very poor grandmother who tried very hard to help him. Soon his grandmother died, and he was alone.

jean marie child home of hope sponsor child

He was taken in by a caregiver in the Jabana area of Rwanda and became part of a family with 7 other orphans. He received monthly sponsorship that covered his food, lodging, schooling, etc.  After finishing school, Jean Marie earned a diploma in building construction! He has become an excellent building supervisor, has built his own house and a number of churches, and has been able to hire young men like himself!

jean marie teenager home of hope sponsor child

A few years ago, Jean Marie was leading worship at a youth conference in a different city. He met a girl who had a very similar background to his own. They fell in love and now live in the house that he built. Together they have a child that will never have to suffer the way they did.

jean marie married home of hope sponsor child

Here is a picture of Katie, his baby girl.  She was 1 on May 29.jean marie daughter Katie rwanda home of hope

Here is a picture of the house that he built.

Jean Marie house rwanda home of hope

This makes me so happy. His past is not his children's future!


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