Brian Thomson’s New Book, Meant 4 More

It is finally out! Brian Thomson has written his book about Home of Hope!

Do you have a copy yet?

The book isn't just about Home of Hope though, it is about his story, the children's story, AND your story!

This book is full of stories filled with adventure, love and heartbreak. You've never seen a book like this before - especially with the 162 pictures throughout. You'll cry one page and laugh the next.

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What some people are saying about the book:

"Wow Brian the book is just amazing! The work done by Home of hope is astounding. Lynzee the story of the feeding program and feeding the orphans....... brought me to tears." - Brad Rempel

"Just got Meant 4 More yesterday and I have almost finished reading it! I am so moved and inspired. Thanks for writing your story, Brian!" - Elaine Baillie

"As one of the first Home of Hope sponsor kids, I am proof that Home of Hope is changing my life and others. I graduated finance and business at University because of Home of Hope and I'm now a Home of Hope volunteer." - Emmanuel Tuyishmire

"I started your book yesterday and just finished it one day later! In some chapters I was wiping my eyes and then others had me belly laughing! What a wonderful presentation of Home of Hope and the vision you have so faithfully nurtured and fulfilled!" - Nancy Berry

"I’m enjoying your book with laughing one page and a tear in my eye the next page." - Mark Thomson

"As a truck driver, audiobooks work great. I listened to the whole audio yesterday. So sad, but many of the stories of how you guys are working are heartwarming and hard not to well up. Love this project!!" - Allen Hogg

"Brian, I’m loving Meant 4 More. Your service to the Lord has been a blessing for decades. Thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏thank you 🙏 " - Jim

"Meant 4 More is a beautiful, moving book written by a humble servant who takes care of the 'least of these'". - Patricia Stewart

“I almost cried a million times listening through the Meant 4 More audiobook…” - Jonathan Soles