The Beginning of Home of Hope

Posted on January 15, 2011

Brian Thomson’s initial contact with Rwanda came out of a conference he attended in spring of 2005. One of the presenters spoke to Brian about his future and about how she could see Brian working in Africa and specifically Rwanda. He was also approached by another individual, from the conference, who had contacts in Rwanda and knew how to get Brian there to speak in one of the largest churches in the capital, Kigali. Brian then spent hours of research on the country of Rwanda and submerged himself in the facts and culture of the Central African nation and the genocide that took place there. He discovered that it was the number one country in the world in need of orphan care. At that time there was a ratio of 1 orphan for every 13 people. All this was before he had even set foot in the country he has now fallen so deeply in love with. God had started to knit Brian’s heart with Rwanda. Anyone who knows Brian knows of his intensity. Intense work ethic, intense drive, intense faith, intense sense of humor and once you are his friend it’s for life. This