Bringing Hope for the Future Article

Posted on September 11, 2011

Article from Today’s Businesswoman Magazine

“He lifts the poor from the dust. He lifts the needy from a garbage heap.” Psalm 113:7

A dump is for garbage, not children. WHAT IS HOME OF HOPE? Home of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with desperate needs. They seek to create a loving and supportive home environment while providing food, clothing, education and Christian training. Home of Hope is in Rwanda, India and Kenya and is currently helping over 860 children every month. ABOUT HOME OF HOPE DIRECTOR BRIAN THOMSON: “An advocate for orphans and children…”  Brian was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. He has been a pastor since 1977 and travels internationally out of Home Church (formerly Word of Life Centre) Red Deer. In December 2006 Brian went to Rwanda and saw the need first hand. Rwanda has one of the largest orphan needs in the world because of the 1994 Genocide and the AIDS Epidemic. Gripped by the needs of the nation, Brian became the Founder and Director of Home of Hope Rwanda. Rwanda: In 1994, Rwandans experienced what no one should ever see. One million people were murdered

KATHY ANEY – EAST OREGONIAN Three large signs rise from the city dump in Nairobi, Kenya. They read, “Please don’t throw your baby away.” Hundreds of desperately poor Kenyans pick through the 30-acre dump each day for food and items to sell on the streets. In the rubbish is the occasional abandoned newborn, sometimes alive, sometimes dead. Now, thanks to a simple, surprisingly successful program, moms are thinking twice about discarding their babies. Kristen Van Cleave, of Pendleton, won’t soon forget both the misery and the hope she found in Nairobi last summer. Van Cleave, 21, volunteered at the Dream Center, an orphanage for babies rescued from the dump or streets. The Blue Mountain Community College nursing student got a tour of the Nairobi dump on a gloomy, rainy morning. “The stench hit us — it was hard to breathe,” she said. “There were people picking through the garbage with their bare hands.” Some of the trash pickers sleep at the dump, she said, while others live in a nearby shanty town that squeezes more than 500,000 of the city’s most desperately poor into less than a square mile of shacks and open sewers. At the dump, she saw people trudging

As I sit here in my comfortable chair, in my beautiful constructed home, in my nicely maintained neighborhood, thinking about going out later in my nice vehicle into a nicely established restaurant I can’t help but think of my friends in Rwanda and what they are up to. What is on the agenda for their day? What will they encounter today? And then I remember what I had seen and experienced while I was there… Courage… I know many pieces have been written about the word, the idea, the characteristic of it. But I feel like I have actually seen this word in action. I have seen it in action overseas in a country called Rwanda, in a people of great fortitude, strength, gentleness and graciousness. Quality people are somewhat hard to find these days but not so much in my experience in Rwanda. When I think of quality people I think of people like Jane our financial manager of Home of Hope. I think of Doreen our leader over the feeding program in Buhoro. I think of Emmanuel heading up the projects in Buhoro… especially the pig

  Ellen started sponsoring Joy in Kenya on April 1, 2011 and they have been writing letters ever since. The letter you just read grabs you doesn’t it? This kind of cross-cultural sharing and exchanging of lives is just one of the benefits you will have when you sponsor a child from Kenya or even Rwanda or India. In this case Ellen is receiving her joy from Joy so many miles away. Her decision to start to sponsor a child has changed both their worlds. Joy sounds so excited about her new sheets and blankets and even thrilled that she got to go shopping for them with her Grandmother. Small pleasures bring big joy. This wouldn’t be possible without the generous sponsorship and support of people like Ellen. This child and her family are benefitting in so many ways. They are eating, attending school and staying warm at night because of one woman’s act to share a little of what she had with a child around the world. Think about sponsoring your own special

Side by Side: Medicine

Posted on June 21, 2011
What you see is the evidence of how two professionals from two totally different worlds can come together to work to improve the lives of many.
On the right is Laura Rogers from Olds, Alberta Canada. Laura had been a nurse for several years and upon some recent visits to Rwanda was able to put those skills to work for a great cause.
Hilda, on the left is from Gatsata, Rwanda and has graciously agreed to work with Home of Hope in the many areas its serves. Hilda is a woman who is in her final year of nurses training. She has an intense schedule and yet she takes time to come and work with HOH and Laura to travel to remote locations and see individual after individual, for hours on end.
The reward for both is that their skills are being used where they are needed most. By people who need them most. Some of the injuries, illnesses and situations you won’t find in the western world. If you are medical professional…your skills are needed here. Hilda would love to work alongside you and learn from you and I know that you will learn from Hilda and the patients

From Your Heart to Theirs

Posted on May 7, 2011

This picture really says it all about a sponsor sending a gift to their sponsor child overseas. After having the privilege of being present when a child receives a gift from their sponsor from Canada I can tell you it is really incredible to see the face of a child light up so quickly and so brilliantly when they take hold of that gift in their own precious hands. Many just look at the gift and touch it, feel it, and look at the wrapping or package it came in. Some dive right in and rip into it and squeals of joy and happiness and the look of sheer joy are so evident on their precious faces. With either of these ways of opening their gifts the children are always, always, so tremendously happy it really is hard to put into words. If this is something you would like to do we have teams going over to Rwanda often and they would love to help you connect with your child by bringing them a small gift package. The best way to send some love from Canada is in a large Ziploc bag. This size works well for the team bringing


Posted on April 7, 2011

Dwayne Abraham is a guy who can make anything work. After 20 years in the oilfield you learn a thing or two about making things happen or work when it doesn’t look possible. That was the resounding theme for Dwayne’s volunteer trip to Rwanda this past March. This 41 year old well services field supervisor from Red Deer, Alberta has known for some time that he would be heading to Rwanda, it was just the timing that needed to get into place. Two years ago he was prompted to consider a trip to Rwanda by what he says was a “voice that just told him” at some point he would go to Rwanda to help out in that country.  He thought perhaps he might come and check out the gorillas and incorporate a vacation out of it as well.  As it happens, his wife also had a dream in which she saw Dwayne and her, retired, with grey hair, and working in Africa happily.  She thought it meant something. One night at his church, it was mentioned that Pastor Ed Furst from the Olds location was taking a team to Rwanda. That caught Dwayne’s attention.  As he was

Feeding Program

Posted on April 7, 2011

The Buhoro feeding program is a growing success. This feeding program is growing weekly and keeping Doreen and her workers very busy. This quality program starts the day with some programming for the children (10:00am) and then a lunch program serves up what might be the children’s only meal for the week. With such a blessing existing in a desperate area the feeding program is gaining a reputation and children are walking up to an hour just to partake of the meal that is provided for these children on Saturdays. This week Brian Thomson, Director of Home of Hope spoke with Doreen (caregiver) and she reported that they are not only feeding 200 children each week, but 100 more children are walking far and showing up. Seeing how malnourished they are, she can’t turn them away.  Last Saturday they fed 300 children with the same amount of food. Doreen said, “please send over $230 more money, so we can give all the children a big meal, ONCE a week.” One meal for a child only costs 25 cents. With more money, we could start feeding the children twice a week, or give more

The Beginning of Home of Hope

Posted on January 15, 2011

Brian Thomson’s initial contact with Rwanda came out of a conference he attended in spring of 2005. One of the presenters spoke to Brian about his future and about how she could see Brian working in Africa and specifically Rwanda. He was also approached by another individual, from the conference, who had contacts in Rwanda and knew how to get Brian there to speak in one of the largest churches in the capital, Kigali. Brian then spent hours of research on the country of Rwanda and submerged himself in the facts and culture of the Central African nation and the genocide that took place there. He discovered that it was the number one country in the world in need of orphan care. At that time there was a ratio of 1 orphan for every 13 people. All this was before he had even set foot in the country he has now fallen so deeply in love with. God had started to knit Brian’s heart with Rwanda. Anyone who knows Brian knows of his intensity. Intense work ethic, intense drive, intense faith, intense sense of humor and once you are his friend it’s for life. This