Just $1/plate

Just $1/plate

Only $1

Only $1 can't buy many items, can it? A candy bar? A cheap coffee?

Only $1 is what many families live on in a day.

Only $1 is all that it costs to feed a child at one of our feeding programs in Rwanda, Kenya and DRCongo

Want your $1 to make a difference? $1 means that a child doesn't have to go hungry today. $1 means that a child can come learn about Jesus and receive a hot, healthy meal.

In 2022, we fed over 4000 children every week.

In 2022, we gave 5000 children a hot healthy Christmas meal!

In 2022, we started a DAILY feeding program in a desperate area where the children needed porridge with vitamins immediately or they were sure to die of starvation and malnutrition.

Our eyes are focused on 2023 and hopeful that we can continue to do this life-saving project and increase the reach to more children.

In our regular, weekly Feeding Programs, we feed over 4000 children in Congo, Rwanda, Malawi, and Kenya. These programs are set up to be an outreach to the surrounding communities. Poor children are told about Jesus, then fed a healthy meal. It may be the only meal they get that week.
There is a continual need for funds for this great project as we will continue to feed children as the Bible tells us to do!

Matthew 14:16 "You feed them." Jesus replied.

If it just costs $1/plate of hot healthy food, how many mouths could you feed today? Any amount helps us to feed ONEĀ  MOREĀ  CHILD


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Every dollar counts!


Just $1/plate

You can sponsor a child to get food, or an entire area to get a hot, healthy meal!