What IF… (and a Social Media Challenge!)

In a world inundated with asking, especially on social media, it’s hard not to wonder what people did before the internet or ‘social media’ to raise money. I can’t tell you the exact answer to that question, but I can say that I’m confident that for many smaller charities and non-profit organizations, that it was an even bigger challenge back then, then it is now. Those older techniques are no less valuable and necessary, but with any charity or persons whom have to raise money, they are always looking for new ways to share their information, to share their need, to share their passion. It’s hard to argue why social media wouldn’t be the perfect platform to do just that.

I think it’s safe to say that most charities are extremely grateful that technology has allowed us to change and adjust those platforms for fundraising. But with this new and improved opportunity, we also realize it has brought a flood of new people, new organizations and new charities to the forefront. The result being that our personal Facebook pages are now typically flooded with daily ‘asks’.

Whether it’s a local charity, a natural disaster, a personal Go Fund Me page, or anything in between- I think it’s safe to say that it’s rare to open up Facebook on any given day and to not see someone asking for something.

We understand that this may feel overwhelming or even frustrating at times, and maybe event a reason to ‘check out’ or disconnect from the very charities or people we say we support. To just keep scrolling. I admit that I too have felt this way and have done this myself. I would be lying if I said

But with this revelation, I felt a bit guilty and because of that I have had to do some self-examination. I had to ask myself why I felt this way. Is it because I don’t have the money? Is it because there is always a never-ending need and I can’t help everyone? Is it because I’m tired of being flooded by posts asking for something? Is it because I have the money, but honestly just don’t want to give at this time? These really are all legitimate reasons, feelings and arguments and I will add, that none of them are wrong. But, I also had to ask myself if these are reasons enough to just keep scrolling?
See, here’s the thing. Non-profit organizations and charities know that we can’t give every time
there is a need. It’s not an expectation, but rather a hope that someone might be able to help.

What if, there is one person who can? What if, there is another person scrolling, who sees the post you liked or shared and feels lead to give in that very moment, for that very need? A need, that would not have been filled otherwise!

As I started to ponder this further, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed in actions. I am a business owner. I understand how all this all works. I understand the value of social media and what it does to help businesses and organizations grow. I know, that while it’s important to offer support financially when I can or when I feel lead to, it’s equally as important to share details about the charity and I can’t do that if I just keep scrolling. And just because I can’t or would rather not to give at that time, it doesn’t mean I can’t help in other ways or, that someone else out there isn’t ready and willing to give.

But if they don’t have the chance to see the post, will we ever really know?

What we do know, is how fast things can spread on internet. A funny meme or video, a picture of a cute baby or a great quote typically grow like wildfire. So why then is it so hard to LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on a post if it appears to involve someone asking for something or even a ‘suggestion’ of asking for something? Why do we shy away so quickly? Why do we suddenly ignore the very same charity, business or persons that we say we support? Isn’t social media a platform made for sharing information? It allows us to spread news quickly and at the touch of a button, to friends and strangers alike, if we so choose. So why are so many of us choosing not to?

What if, just ONE person on your page sees that you SHARED, COMMENTED or LIKED a post from Home of Hope? What if, Home of Hope happens to be facing a current critical need or a financial challenge that could save a life? What if, this person who saw the post you shared wasn’t aware you supported such a great charity and because they saw the post, they now find themselves interested in supporting this same great organization?

Friends, whether you support Home of Hope financially, in prayer or in service… there is no shortage of need and I know that I can genuinely say, these acts do not go unnoticed. But in order for any business, charity or idea to grow – it must start with a seed and that’s what charities like ourselves our doing with every post, with every share, with every ask. We are planting seeds. Seeds that we hope that with nurturing will blossom and grow into something giving and life changing. Because less we forget, everything we are doing is for the children.

Today I am asking you to recognize your what if. To help continue to nurture the seed so it can blossom into something bigger than we could even dream or imagine. If we all do our small part, it won’t take long before we see the fruit of that labour blossom into something beautiful! It’s how Home of Hope has grown into the incredible charity that it is today and it’s how are able to keep growing and changing lives each day.

So, my challenge to you is this: the next time you see a post from Home of Hope and you’re tempted to just keep scrolling, I challenge you to pause and not ignore the plea. Read the story. Connect. Engage. Share. React.

Never forget that you could be the reason a seed grows a little bigger and stronger that day.

On behalf of the Home of Hope Team, thank you for your continued love & support.


Article by: Katherine Meadows-Fugere

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