THESE CHILDREN MADE ME CRY!!! You need to see these pictures….

Written by Christian (HOH Staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo)

I went to visit this area named Nyiragongo (near an active volcano) Goma, Congo.

I met 200 desperate children, many of them are suffering from SEVERE malnutrition. It made me cry!

Look at this picture! At this phase of malnutrition, if not treated, he can die in 14 days. BUT it’s possible to treat a child like this in 6 months back to health.

desperate starving
malnourished child's legs

This is an area that is getting NO HELP - not from NGOs or the government. They are so very desperate. They no water due to being so close to the volcano.

But, I have hope for these children. Ways you can help:

  • Any amount of money can be put towards getting the children medical treatment.
  • $6 CAD is all it costs for a health card that gives them access to medical treatment for an entire year!
  • Sponsor a medical mission to help = $250 CAD per month would cover all the medications needed. A volunteer nurse is ready to help.

I can't wait to send an update with this child totally recovered!!

Please, you can be the first to jump on board and sponsor this area.
It’s all for helping desperate children in real need!
A simple donation can save lives!


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Christian is one of the best humans on the face of the planet. His passion for helping people in his area is amazing. Read more...

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