Helping Aaron walk

In North America, we can sometimes take for granted simple things such as the ability to help our children learn to walk, talk, and eat. For many living in developing nations, it’s another story altogether, often based on the provision of a simple healthy meal.

Aaron Kiano is 2 years old. His mother was working for a man as house-help, when he took advantage of her. She was just 16 when she got pregnant. Since their home is on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, he and his mom are at the mercy of passersby to help them out. Due to malnutrition, Aaron’s bones haven’t developed enough for him to learn to walk. He has a kind heart but is full of fear and sadness. Being without food is his normal, and he finds comfort in sucking his thumbs as he and his mom wait for kindness to find them.

With sponsorship, Aaron would have healthy food and his body would be given the ability to develop.

Cross the Atlantic ocean to the Word of Life, Red Deer campus, and a young father of two picks up a photo of Aaron at the Home of Hope table.

Moved by the photo because his own son is about the same age, he walks by his wife and emotionally hands her the sponsor card and says “Look at this.” Then walks away.

And who knows who Aaron will grow up to be and how many people his life will impact. {Maybe he will grow up to be a runner?}

SPONSOR A CHILD HERE and you could make an impact on not just 1 child, but their family and the generations to come.

Article written by: Lani Lupul

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