#1 Rescue Centre in Kenya

The Kenyan government sent a "Children's Officer" for a surprise visit to our Home of Hope Dream Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. She said that we are the #1 Rescue Centre in Nairobi! So amazing!

She says:

"It has earned a reputation as a reliable and enthusiastic organization that has helped to better the lives of hundreds of children."

"I recommend that the home is doing a good job in child protection matters and also has high standards."

(See the full documents below)

Leaders Daniel & Diana Bushebi and George & Janet Akelo are doing an amazing job! We are so proud to have them on the team!


In 2011, Home of Hope heard of the horror that many babies were being thrown away in the dump of Nairobi, Kenya. We immediately responded. Since then, many babies have been rescued because of signs that we put up at the dump entrances that say, "don't throw your baby away".

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Did you know?

Babies are being thrown away in a 30-acre dump in Kenya. As a preventative measure, we put signs up that say "Don't throw your baby away" with a phone number to call.